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  1. 3 pints of red maggots with a sprinkle of white maggs for a 48 hr trip starting tomorrow at 12 pm
  2. Hi there Dezzy welcome to the site... and we share everything mate just ask 👍
  3. Haven’t use them b4 ... Iv always used a fox pike float the clear plastic one. It the sun is out il use them and report back mate
  4. Do you mean the floats ? Hopefully I got the Korda arriving in the post tomorrow Going to fish them side by side
  5. I know the swim I’m going to fish at Oxlease and the forecast is looking good so I fancy giving the adjustable Zigs ago
  6. If he’s putting line on the reels we could be waiting a long time there massive 🙄
  7. Will you be having new rods to go with the reels then ?
  8. I make my plastic more porous by piercing them several times with a baiting needle then drop them in a dip pressing down with the handle of the baiting needle couple of times so it sucks in the dip.
  9. Yep plenty of the silver spools.... could look good with the matt black 🤔
  10. Are we talking about the 8k ? iv had mine almost a year they wanted £27 ish for a shallow spool 😳 I ask my mate who runs my local tackle shop he said he’ll have a word with the rep from okuma managed to get 2 spools for £22 each. still looking for another one.
  11. You could Put your 297 yds of hydro on the reel 1st then your backing up to the lip, put the reel on the floor, fix the other new reel on the rod and wind all the line off the reel that’s on the floor onto your reel that’s on your rod .... it will be perfect .... orr you could buy shallow spools... which is what I did 👍
  12. That’s sounds like a lot of work. You be careful up there... tie the ladder off and a bag of sand at the foot of the ladder
  13. Long peak cap.... I only got to look at the forecast on tv if it’s for sun I get sunburned on my nose there and then 🥵
  14. It got the same build quality as the 8k, il use it on my floater rod as well. I got the 8k for the big spool and the great line which will help get them extra yards I had a set of the 1st cross casts out and the 8k is a much better reel in my opinion.
  15. The smaller okuma is a inc 6000 that’s got slow osculation great line lay and a five year guarantee, got a pair of them to with my Korum 10ft 2.25 rods 👍
  16. Your such a tackle tart Elmo lol Matt black silver bail arm, one of the spring line clips silver,and the bit that the wooden handle fits on is a dull sliver.. the base of the spool is shiny black.
  17. If I’m going for a floater session I put the krill floaters in a container add a little oil then some of the Active mix, gets a bit messy but gets them going and they never leave your swim.
  18. Iv got a set of the 8k’s haven’t used them over water but they cast great 👍
  19. I grind dome some of the Krill floaters and add them to my stick mix, makes the mix more active 👍
  20. Well I’m allowed to go over the border to fish at last so Oxford here we come, we are booked on Oxlease at Linear for a 48 hr trip 23-25th of this month ... let’s hope it warms up a bit. 🙏
  21. The lake had been frozen the week before we got there. We got a agreement if one gets a fish the other can cast into the area where he had it, so that’s six rods roving about it has worked twice over the years, only in the winter tho. I would rather be fishing than in bed
  22. Looks fishy, all the best Elmo
  23. Still plenty of time for a bite mate 👍 if I might make a suggestion which is easy foy me cus I’m still in bed lol Set your phone alarm for 30 mins and recast all your rods to a different part of the lake every 30 mins... covers a hell of a lot of water keeps you warm and you could get lucky Me and a mate on a 48 hr trip done it with 3 hrs to go had 3 carp, covered in leeches they were he had two I had the one.
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