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  1. My son has 10000st but has 6000 spools which works fine
  2. I feel your pain.... I’d send a picture of my problem. But it’s difficult getting a picture of a bacon sandwich that’s in the dog
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss . can I say ...about the lockdown I’m involved a lot with a football team. So when the league was stopped I thought I’d spend more time fishing , when they banned fishing that’s destroyed me. ..can’t do anything!!!!!!! but. I work for the nhs And was talking to the lead nurse at our local covid hub. ( which is a doctor surgery that’s turned into a surgery for anyone thinking they have covid . To keep them away from regular surgeries ) she said they have dozens every day turn up and they send 2-3 a day to hospital. That’s not 2-3 have it they are just the ones so ILL they need to go straight to hospital . my whole point ( when I eventually get there ) is we aren’t out of the water yet we will have to be really careful for a long time .
  4. I threw a few boilies into my pond a few days back and they are still complete ,no breakdown ,bits falling off etc. For the guys doing long sessions and leaving cast out rigs for hours and hours I would guess that is fine. But I usually only do a day session. Are there any boilies that start to break down inside an hour. I doubt I ever leave a bait out more than an hour so it’d be a big advantage it there was one. Or a way to make some .
  5. I’m with you on this. My favourite rod is a barbel rod. Fantastic to play fish on. Unfortunately the pond I now fish insists on 3lb test curve. A real pity as I only ever need to cast 60yds
  6. Why are barbless hooks more dangerous than micro barbed . I assumed barbless were the safest
  7. Just received a pair of Harrison ballistas. 12ft 3lb. Quite old but very good condition. Took a while to find a pair .
  8. Last purchase......6kg of boillies the day before they shut all the waters
  9. I’m constantly buying stuff I desperately need to then find I’ve got 4 already
  10. I’ve posted this before. But the whole kit is £130. With wheels waterproof and pretty bomb proof
  11. Just bought the Magnusson site system Couldn’t find anything that matches in tackle shops. Well at anywhere near the price , looks fantastic so far. Complete with wheels handle etc. So I guess I’m not a tackle tart after all.
  12. Hi its come to that time when I’m about to re line all my carp reels. I’ve used Daiwa sensor for the past few yrs but just wondering if it’s worth going for hyper sensor instead. Is it much of/ any improvement
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