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  1. Same here mate - I live alone anyway, so lockdown is absolutely boring. But, I count myself one of the lucky ones, being healthy and still employed - I work in the oil and gas industry and for lockdown we're all working from home - which in reality means watching as much Disney+ and YouTube fishing videos as possible. I'm more than happy and prepared to be bored for as long as is needed to minimize the spread. I also may or may not have set up my bivvy and bedchair in the spare room and spent a night or two in it just to try and catch some of the feeling of being on the bank. I haven't quite set up the TV in front of it with a 12 hour video of a lake....yet.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate. For 95% of my UK fishing I use my 10ft Nash Dwarf Mk2 rods. I use them on waters as small as 1.5 acres, up to 15 acres. I have them in 3.5lb, because I fish with PVA bags and they have the backbone to chuck these a decent distance. Although they have the backbone, they have a very forgiving tip section, which makes using them on small waters easy. If you aren't using PVA bags, I would go a lighter test curve. I went for 10 foot over 9 foot as it gives you a bit more reach on bigger waters - but with a pack down size only 6 inches more. I pair these with the new Avid AV8000 reels, which balance perfectly but still have the capacity and capability to chuck distance if needed; they're light weight, very smooth clutch and only £68.00 each. (Check the Rod Shots post for a picture of them on the dwarfs) There are of course, other makes and Sonik retractable rods get very good reviews. Best thing is to get to a tackle shop when they open again, have a play with some - short retractable rods are quite controversial for some reason, with some people thinking they're a gimmick or a fad, but only you know what you need for your style of fishing. As an aside, I do fish larger waters (30 acres +) and for that you will definitely need a set of 12 footers minimum - I have Fox X4 3.5lb paired with XTD 14000 for that scenario.
  3. 😂 That's Lil Don Exotic. A mash up of Joe Exotic and Lil Donnie Trump Mugshot. If you haven't seen Tiger King on Netflix, I'd strongly recommend it - very entertaining.
  4. I had the K9 alarms a couple of years ago. Bought to replace aging Fox buzzers and being a bit of a techie these looked perfect. I used them for a few day sessions before taking them to France with me. The first evening I am sat with my mate in-between our pegs (about 10 meters from my bivvy) when my mate says he could hear a whirring noise - checked my receiver, nothing - glanced at my rods to see the reel on my right hand rod melting. Long story short, I had what felt like it could have been a PB, but because my receiver had not indicated anything it had ran at least 100 yards and eventually came off - I sold the alarms as soon as I got back and will never trust anything by ND again. The S9 alarms come with exactly the same receiver as the K9s. I have Nash R3 now and have never looked back.
  5. That's why I left the plastic on my Fox X4 rods and i'm not even ashamed of it! 😂
  6. I'm going to try and find out this year!!
  7. I agree totally - they are completely overlooked in terms of carp - i'm going to have a bit of a mini campaign on Rake/lower rod this year, probably autumn time. As far as i'm aware only one or two people fish it for carp - the club advertise it as a pike water and stipulate that there is no carp present - but there clearly is to those that know. There are a few pikers I know that have been on there over the winter, but a 30 out of there is immense. Fish of a life time right there!
  8. I dread to think of the amount! Even buying rig bits from places like bank tackle, it soon adds up.
  9. I've gone through a fair few different terminal tackle solutions in my time, from using one of the old original Shakespere tackle boxes back in the 90's, to the Fox F Double, Avid Pouches and Korda tacklesafe - however as the years go by I found myself naturally honing my terminal gear to just what was necessary and fell upon the Korda Tackle box a few months back. I like things organised and this is perfect, rather than having hundreds of plastic pouches in pockets to sort through. I know it's very fanboyish and I'm not like that normally, but I think this is a genuinely decent product for someone like me who scales down their carp gear for mobile UK day sessions.
  10. Thanks Big Bass - figured it was time to sign up and contribute rather than lurk and admire all the rod shots from fellow blankers 🤣
  11. Newest for me this week was the purchase of a mozzie infill for the titan hide XL as we're now coming out of winter and i'm a mozzie and midget magnet. Also purchased a pair of Avid AV8000 reels to sit on the 10 foot rods A spool of .33 shimano tech for the 14000 XTDs Also grabbed an Advanta Floating weigh sling last week - sits perfect in the side pocked of my 10 foot dwarf holdall as per the pic- most of my carping is being mobile so this really suits.
  12. Cheers Finchey. I have looked at Withnell Anglers previously - might grab a ticket. As an allrounder, PAAS is a great option - limited on the carp front - but for river fishing, whether course or game it is excellent -- also has some excellent pike waters, such as Rake Brook and lower roddlesworth ressie near you, which are both vastly underrated and overlooked.
  13. Not fished any of those - are they day ticket? Haven't fished a day ticket in a while but always up for it if it's a decent water. I fish a couple of waters not too far from Wigan on the PAAS ticket (Ulness Walton and Withnell Bottom Lodge) and a couple of stretches of the Ribble at Preston.
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