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  1. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/tronixpro-interlock-snap-swivels?queryID=764df10bc9ec75676959f3f7ce86666c&objectID=85999&indexName=live_ad_uk_products i thought maybe these as the round end may allow more movement than a traditional swivel (even the large one) ?
  2. thanks for the tip, sometimes it works and it comes off unknotted, sometimes it doesn't! im glad its not just me it happens to!
  3. thanks Mate, will give these a go as well. really appreciate you responding. ive been doing a lot of unnecessary swearing on the bank !
  4. Ive followed the insrtuctions but it just ends up in a big mess so i cut it. Im going to try with a swivel or mini clip as suggest. thanks for response,.
  5. that sounds good. I Will give it a go. Thanks
  6. yep thats what i do.. however i do its a knotty mess when trying to undo it. I thought about maybe using a big sea fishing snap swivel.
  7. Hi apart from the big loop to switch out leads and spombs is there any way of attaching then to braid ? i only ask as im forever having to cut the braid to get a lead or spomb off even when tying a little knot further down the main loop. Its always gets more tangled and difficult, is there a type of swivel or clip etc that can do it? cheers
  8. Hi, i went to the field and tried it with 15lb straight through and a heavier lead. No crack offs and felt easier to compress the rod with a 3.5oz lead..?
  9. Hi, i have been using some 2.75lb 10ft rods for fishing a local lake. They get a bit bendy when trying to cast with a bag or anything more than a 2.5 oz lead. i decided to buy some higher TC rods to help with this problem. i bought some Shimano TX4 10FT 3.25LB. ive been down the local lake and have been casting with a 3oz lead. 12LB ESP Syncro line and had 2 crack offs? I bet i don't get 2 a year normally? To be fair i was trying to give the cast full 'beans' to see how far i can go to with them. is it a simple case of going up to 15lb line or as the rod is only 10ft is it acting stiffer than a 12ft 3,.25? any help appreciated. Richard
  10. HI, ive recently put some carp spirit 30lb braid on my spod reel. Ive gone to attach the shock leader 50lb Nash Braid and i lost a marker float - It flew off with the knot failing. Ive tried back to back grinners and mahin knot and same result now losing 3 marker floats! Ive just re tied at home the Mahin 3 times and pulled the line really hard and thought i had a secure knot. i carried on pulling and after a few seconds the carp spirit 30lb braid just pulled through the knot. Its really waxy braid. Im sure it cant be my knot tying ability. i have no issues with other knots? I think its just the [censored]e carp spirit braid!
  11. Hi, Is there anyone giving casting tuition in the Yorkshire area? I think i could do with some help to get better distance! cheers
  12. Hi Guys, i bought 3 new Shimano 6000 XT RB Baitrunners Earlier this year. I have a problem with 1 that it keeps shutting the bail arm mid cast. they will still be under warranty but before i send it back could it be a simple fix? Thanks in advance as a real pain when the lead smashes in the water straight in front of you when casting!
  13. Hi Guys, im booked on at Rising Sun Fisheries, York at the end of June and ive never fished it so want to get the most out of the session, Has anyone got any advice for fishing it? Rig type, Hook size, bait size and flavour? Im on for 48hrs so can experiment a bit but would love to hit the ground running- cheers Richard
  14. Hi, Im looking for some rear rods rests for my rod pod? Ive seen a lot on line and they look cheap and poorly made? has any used any really good ones? cheers
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