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  1. I think I am going to go for the daiwa black widow 5500's . Fishing republic are doing a 10% discount at the mo due to Corona so it works out at just over £55 per reel. Fingers crossed they are decent. May also buy the matching rods for my 14 year old lad as his first set 👌
  2. Brilliant, that's what I'm looking for. I am off a similar mindset but do think the sonik look good for the money. Just slightly concerned about quality as read a few reports about inferior sonik rods, hence why I am seeking real life experiences as opposed to a sales pitch (which is 95% of my internet searches so far including youtube) Anyone else had experiences with either reels?
  3. That's the thing, the bale arm is knackered on one of the wychwoods and not worth repairing in my opinion. I've booked a french trip to abbey in 2021 and need to completely overhaul my gear as I haven't done for years so money is tight, hence the limited budget. I'm also buying new rods, extra bedchair for my son plus a ton of other stuff, all of which wont be cheap so, although I say 'upgrade' I mean it loosely. I would love a set of daiwa basis hahaha but the wife may have a thing or two to say about that! Are either of these reels worth the money?
  4. Hi all M looking to replace my old wychwood equinox big pits but am on a bit of a budget. Ideally I want to spend no more than £60-70 per reel and I want three reels.I'm torn between either the daiwa black widow 5500 or the sonik dominator x carp reels, both I have found for the same price at £160 all in for 3. It seems you get more for your money on the sonik in terms of spare spool, double line clips and a whole host of other bits where as with Daiwa, in my mind you get peace of mind having owned multiple daiwa reels in the past. I have never owned or used anyth
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