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  1. Brilliant help this mate thank you! I’ve ordered 2.5l of it on Prime and I will apply in a spray bottle and get a cheap paintbrush and do it that way! Fingers crossed it will stay nice weather this week!
  2. I’m wanting to Fabsil my Chub Cyprus 1 man bivvy and overwrap but I’m unsure of how much I will need and what’s the best way of applying it? Comes in 1l/2.5l/5l - how much will I need? Is it better to ensure it’s clean and dry and sponge it on or put it in a spray bottle and wipe it? Any help or tips appreciated!
  3. Thank you all for your replies - really helpful for my decision! I think the quality, size, future proofing and value for money the Fox EOS 10000FD are unrivalled. Now it’s finding what 12lb line to go for. I feel like most will be of a similar quality and it’s mainly personal preference. Any recommendations of course. 😊
  4. Looking at starting to properly get myself set up this season and I’ve just bought some Fox EOS 12ft 3lb rods and I’m now looking at reels to buy. Currently have some Okuma baitrunners but wanting and needing to upgrade them and also change over to front drag system (never tried before but the more I think about it the more I like the idea). I’ve seen the Fox EOS 10000FD and also the Wychwood 45s/55s. Both are in my relatively limited price range (wedding to save for). Fox EOS 10000FD - £54.99 Wychwood 45s - £42.50 Wychwood 55s £49.50 Could anyone recommend wh
  5. Fingers absolutely crossed! @Highy When do you think that could come into play?
  6. Very sorry to hear that @elmoputney, thoughts are with you and the family. From what you’ve said he sounded a true gent and I’m sure he raised one in yourself too
  7. @bluelabel @snowmanstevo @finchey @elmoputney - Thanks for all your advice and welcoming fellas, appreciate it. Always have loved forums, much better than Facebook in terms of info and people wise. Just bought these off eBay for a cracking price of £36 + postage for the KBI 3+1 and Korum buzz bar/bank sticks. I know they aren't delkims but for my style of fishin they should do me well, even if just for summer/autumn and upgrade in winter. I like the look of the atts. I've done a little research on forums and videos with people who actually own 9/10ft rods and these soun
  8. Thank you for the advice @salokcinnodrog On reflection I think you’re right, I don’t need the tc and I would be looking more towards to 5/7000 reels. Someone is selling x3 Fox EOS 5000 reels near me for £80, would they be a good suit? I’ve also been looking into 10ft rods - Nash Dwarf, Sonik Vader X etc. What’s your thoughts on them for my style of fishing? Whenever I think of carp fishing I’ve always thought of 12ft rods but again like you said, I’m not on a 160 acre res. I know the 6ft - 10ft rods well suited to stalking and light and easy transportation type of fishing, but can th
  9. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and looking for some gear advice. I apologise in advance as I often waffle on but I feel it's the best way to paint a picture and get the best advice from yourselves, so hold tight and sit back haha! I've been fishing since I was a lad with my dad, he's a proper old school coarse fisherman, uses same rod, reel wicker basket seat box for the last 30 years. Nothing wrong with that he loves it. I really started taking to fishing when I was around 14/15/16, we went to a local fishing pond that is perfect for course fishing. Over time I got bo
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