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  1. I'm not going to use it and its valid for 2 more months im the only person with the code im not going to purchase one anytime soon so i may aswell give it away if you need it just post down below first person gets it simple 

    hope this is allowed cant see why it couldn't be 

    please make sure you will actually use this code

    get yourself 35% off deeper pro website 


    Started fishing about a year ago but due to corona never really got to do it half of the time but i still haven't caught a carp. I don't know what i'm doing wrong i've been to loads of different fisherys,changed my rigs,bait, presentation got some polaroids so i can spot the fish but it's starting to get a joke now and i'm loosing motivation to carry on. Spent all this money and time and got nothing out of it not even 1 carp


  3. So yesterday i was at a fishery and the baliff/environmental agent was chatting to me normally (At this point i never knew he was a baliff or whatever he was) he was just asking normal questions have i had ewt ect how long have i been here, just like a normal angler would as they pass by the next minute he whips his badge out like hes FBI and says i bet you dont have a rod licence do you, I said yes i do but i dont have it on me you can make your calls or whatever and double check if you like, Starts being off with me saying he can't do that i'll have to go. Showed him my bank car, ID ect but he said i'm lying about my name. Then things got strange he started giving me loads of grief because i didn't know how much a day ticket was because i've never been there so i did it wrong, started taking pictures of me and my car REG saying he knows im lying. I stood there and said please call whoever you can and ask them but still he carried on with his horrible attitude i was just sick of the smirky face he had kicking me off while everyone was watching, i left because it's pointless causing a pain over such thing i was the only person he asked for a license infact i was the only one he came over too, i saw him walking around the lake previously didnt pull his badge out on them


    This was the first time i've been to this fishery and the last, must of had regulars they liked or regular members i have no idea.

    is this normal behaviour for them or? this is the first ever time i've been asked for my fishing license and it was a horrible encounter with a pretty horrible bloke. 

    Going to have to make sure i don't mistakenly forget to bring it.

  4. 6 minutes ago, framey said:

    Like carp 

    the clearer the water the darker the fish colour 


    it is a bream In the first pic

    So that'd mean the water i caught it was  dirty basically? if the fish is like the one in my picture

  5. 51 minutes ago, Highy said:


    Yours was 9lb ??? This was only 8lb 5oz. (I think)

    Yeah buddy picture doesn't do any justice as camera man was stood a bit back (had to zoom the picture a bit) was a nice fish thought thanks everyone can always rely on   this forum

  6. Going night fishing tomorrow and i've purchased a portable heater (they run of them cheap bottles of gas or butane im not sure what they are)

    But im wondering if its safe for me to have it on in my bivvy? i've saw in a few places it's not  due to carbon monoxide poisoning but then i've seen people saying it is okay

    I'd rather be safe and ask than be wrong and dead. hope you're all doing well


  7. Started carp fishing recently and i'm a bit confused about silicone rubber ect and litteraly all i wanna know is


    What is heat shrink tubing for

    What is silicone tubing for

    Whats a good zig rig length i know it will entirely depend on the depth but whats a ideal length 

    What is the ideal hair rig length


    Thank you 


    its more than likely a simple answer but i can't seem to find anything anywere hope you're all doing well

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