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  1. Hello folks hope all is well Does anyone ever fish the selwarpe or where it meets the Severn Could anyone tell me any information on if its worth fishing Thanks and kind regards in advance
  2. Thanks for your reply mate much appreciated.im hoping your wrong,surely there's got be some, I'm meeting a fella on 16th of this month, he fished it last year who says he knows there's carp in one of the lakes,(I hope he's right) either way it will be a beautiful place to place a rod. Yeah tbh mate I would not tell a sole either. Haven't had the chance to walk around Powell's yet. Will keep my eyes peeled for that spot when I'm down there. I heard you mention lakes in great barr, are they safe too approach mate? Would like to pay them a visit,
  3. First time visiting blackroot today,what a beautiful setting, was mesmerized as soon as I set eyes on the lake, certanly a big old walk..didn't see any carp tho, just a few dead bream in the sides. Do you know if blackroot is pressure fished mate?? Considering giving it a go in a few weeks time Any help from anyone would be great
  4. Good afternoon all,hope you are all keeping safe and well in this glorious sunshine 😊 ive got the fishing bug back after watching countless hours of Chris Yates and Wilson, only snag Is I've only ever specialised in fishing on rivers for Barbel ect Have never been one for fishing a hole dug in the ground surrounded by 50 other fisherman/fisherwomen(latter would not be so bad) looking for some where with a bit of character and some decent fish to learn pool & lake fishing Which leads me to my question Where on earth are there any decent pools lakes near longbridge Birmingham area? Willing to travel beyond those areas of course. Sorry If it's long winded folks but any help guidance would be glad appreciated Kind regards marvoulous barbless
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