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  1. Hello all have changed plans and have decided to give sunnyside 2 a go for 48hours. First time going there so not sure what to expect any pointers in the right direction would be kindly appreciated
  2. Good evening all, hope all is well Anyone have any experience fishing lonsdale park? My brother and his friend has booked us a few nights on the 23rd of October Has anyone fished there recently or within the past few years and can shed some light on the place please? Not expecting to be told how to fish it 😁 just what lies within its waters fish and feature wise Some bad Reviews I'm praying they're not true. It's a three hour drive 🙄😅 Kind regards
  3. I've been using the dynamite ones mate. Seem to do the trick, i get some pre chopped as well
  4. 😂😂😂😂 See you next Thursday 🎣🎣 Seriously won't be going to that spot on my own again mukka. Not right at all. It was a Feeling I haven't experienced before anyway
  5. Aha don't suppose he was wearing a white boiler suite and a ski mask?? 😂 I went out river fishing for carp last Thursday evening to a spot I've seen and caught a few carp from. Arrived at location around 6pm raked my spot got gear in order ect and started fishing around 8.30pm Around 10:15pm I hear almost footsteps, more of a rustling sound So I open bivvy door to see a white silhouette walk past around 20 yards away I ask are you OK mate He just ignores me and turns his headlight off At this point I'm thinking what the (I know this naughty word is banned but I decided to use it any way because I can't control myself) is someone doing in out here and why is he ignoring me So i decided to stay outside tent and make a tea, just to see if he/she walks back By the time the kettle had boiled I could see this individual walking back down towards me with head torch on.. As he approached i called you OK mate? He turns his light off and as he walks past I realise he's wearing a boiler suite fully done up with hood up and all I could see was a black ski mask 🤪🤪😪🤢 as he goes past he just looks back The chills it gave me pure fear 😂😂😂 and not embarrassed to say And to top it off as I'm stuffing my gear into the van My alarms start going mental... I'm thinking nooooo he's robbing my rods 😂 😂 lucky it wasnt the looney in the boiler suite Have never packed up so quickly https://www.screwfix.com/p/dupont-tyvek-classic-hooded-coverall-white-x-large-42-46-chest-31-l/24714?tc=VB5&ds_kid=92700048793290415&ds_rl=1244069&gclid=CjwKCAjwyo36BRAXEiwA24CwGcdlSPn-_N3R5jiSyPSRyYniUfo2tG2Q9Mh7PunerAqfHyVH9k9LDBoCJt8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. It's looking good for it mate 🎣 My fingers are crossed for you 🤞 looks a beautiful place Keep us posted 😁
  7. Thanks for the replies folks I ended up getting the CTX in the end Have to say they look really good in person Let's hope they perform better than my last rods
  8. Not surprising really the French eat snails! 🙄 I get asked that question do you eat them?!more than ever in the UK now!! In fact more times than sightings of Harry Potter (otter).
  9. Hello folks hope all is well Will get straight to the point Have a small budget to aquire some new or second hand rods around the £200 mark Have been using wychwood A101 3 1/4 tc that I paid 50 for both rods. Hated them with a passion they were like poker sticks no feel of any fight to the fish and a fair few hook pulls Have been catching carp mainly on the rivers And have been offered x 2 greys air curve rods 3ib tc for 200 Or some free spirit ctx 2.75 x2 rods for 160 used twice Or again the free spirit ctx x2 rods 3ib tc brand new for 200 Now I'd like something that can reach me at least 100 yards. Has anyone had any experience with the above rods are they good prices I've also been offered some greys gt3 £50 a rod they've been used Kind regards in advance
  10. Good sunny afternoon all, hope all is well As the title says above I'm looking for someone to spend a few or lots of sessions with fishing. I'm mad crazy for it but would love to share ideas information and memories with someone as infatuauted as my self My target species is mainly gojng to be carp along stretches of river and of course a few lakes. Other species will be targeted on the way of course Im based in the Birmingham West Midlands area, I'm willing to travel where is needed of course So please feel free to contact me if your interested in spending some time on the banks or just trading information please pm myself Kind regards all stay safe and well Marvelous
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