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  1. It was you that put me on them Yonny....I noticed you had a very fond preference for them in previous threads and I read nothing but good about them elsewhere...I have purchased grabba stinga and chodda on the strength of this and they do seem good hooks that I have yet to properly use..was now looking for a wide gape straight point hence my question on the sabre pattern...so thankyou.
  2. Just had a quick look on the net and they don't seem to be selling these now..I think? Might have to delve deeper
  3. I've had a cypry 5 rod quiver for nearly 20 years..very strong material..its still usable but getting quite worn in places now. My thing is considering I've had it so long you would think I could get something better nowadays but I cant. Nothing is comparing..i recently purchased an Avid 5 rod quiver that looked good with a large centre compartment but was so flimsy i knew it wasn't gonna last very long..it had a handle on the bottom to make it easier to get in and out the car which was a good idea as my other one didn't but the very first time I tried this handle it just ripped off before I even got it in the car and teared the bottom of the quiver!. So guys...I'm looking for a strong 4 or 5 rod quiver with 2 outside compartments for nets and banksticks a lead pocket would be a bonus with or without rod sleeves...I would love to buy another like the old cypry one. Been wondering buying a 5 rod nxg trakker but after my experience with that avid not fit for purpose thing makes me more than dubious about buying more rubbish. Any recommendations welcome
  4. Thanks for that yonny...when I got the stinga hooks delivered I was hoping they would have been a wider gape..still like the pattern for over here but I will be looking to try the sabre on my next France trip..
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the difference between atomic stinga hooks and sabre I have a photo of the stinga hook on my phone and a pic of the sabre on my tablet and comparing them side by side I see no immediate difference! Could the sabre be a wider gape??......I have asked the question direct at atomic 3 days ago but had no reply...thanks
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