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  1. And thank you for your answers i had a look at the video and i am just going to try it as it is only 10£ a year so i can go fishing for a few hours after work which is great
  2. Oh is it really that bad in the night?
  3. Hello guys i wanted to try fishing for carp in my local park lake (hampstead heath) and i just wanted to ask you if you have some tipps for me with bait and locations. i had a walk around it yesterday but havent seen any carp but ive seen some sunken trees which could be a good spod ? thank you
  4. Oh i didnt know that haha but many guys from the lake came and also weighted it. i also read that the lake that im on is in the rank of the best bream in the country and i am very suprised didnt know bream can get that big only catched really small ones in germany
  5. Hello guys just wanted to let you know i tried all the lakes and at the 3rd one i caught a 21pound bream its not a carp but at least i catched something thank you for your help
  6. Its walthamstow wetlands
  7. Hey thank you for your answer! so the fishery seems to be very hard and people are not catching much but i can change the venue on monday again so i will see then. and when the stock level is low should i feed more or less and when its weedy is a pva bag with a pop up okay?
  8. Hello i have been carp fishing now 7 times and caught 3 carp before so i have a bit of knowledge but at the 7 sessions i was at a fishery and i didnt catch anything. I tried popups and bottom baits and also spodding and only pva bags and also changed the colours but still no bites? Dies anybody maybe have some tips or something? thank you for your help
  9. Also my test curve from my rod is 2.75 so i dont know if i should use such a heavy lead?
  10. Thank you guys for the quick ansers! i bought inline leads now to stop liners and do you have any idea of how i could longer my hair? And also i bought a hook sharpener and ill try it again. thank you very much for helping me
  11. Hey guy i am new into carp fishing baught new gear and i am using a pva solid bag. I am using a 15 mm boilie which is cut up and on top a fake corn with a hook size 6 ive been fishing at my reservoir 5 times and only had 3 takes but when i Picked up the rod there was nothing. Can somebody please give me tips what i am doing wrong? and also i am using a 1.5oz inline lead and a hair rig. thank you for your help linus
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