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  1. Practice makes perfect I agree on the casting. Plus it’s the cheaper option it’s free to practice plus if my casting improved I could always try spodding instead of a bait boat. Practice the basic makes perfect sound advice. 👍🏻
  2. That’s it my casting isn’t that good during the day. So long range or even accurate casting at night is a big problem. Plus getting into tight spots on the far margin is handy with a boat. I know I should maybe just practice more on my casting an that would be the cheaper option. But at the rate I loose rigs an leads a bait boat is just another option to think about. It’s better to have it an not need it, than need it an not have it. There are some boats at about the £100 mark getting good reviews online to rival some of the more expensive ones.
  3. Looking at getting my first bait boat. Don’t want to spend a lot on my first one. Is there any anyone can suggest that I can dip my toe in the water with. An start off with as an entry level bait boat please ? I did try to make one from a remote controlled model boat but found the bait dispatching mechanism hard to build. Went for a piece of guttering on the back where you can place a pva bag. Then slowly pull it off once the boat is in place. Came unstuck when I drove the boat out of range an could not retrieve it. Think the proper bait boats return themselves when they get out of range.
  4. Is there one bait that you have full confidence in on any lake ? If you turned to a new lake an had no prior knowledge what would be your go to bait ???
  5. With the temp being so low this time of year would they be interested in feeding in the mid water levels ??
  6. This time of year which if any is the best thing with bait. Is it the brightest colour or a washed out bait but strong smelling/leaking attraction ?
  7. Thanks big bass will give it a go seen some seam sealer on line. So a long with fabsil I will give it a go an try to seal it ready for the lockdown to lift an the weather to warm up.
  8. Yeah mine was coming in through the stitching from the strapping on the inside the dripping down on to the clip. Think it was the seams an stitching no where else leaked at all. The company suggested fabsil might give both fabsil an seam sealer a go. I had to put a cup under the clip both sides in the end as it was leaving puddles in the brolly.
  9. Yeah it was raining heavy at the time an it was a constant drip from the clip. It was a video of the dripping which was constant so definitely a leak not condensation. Thanks for the advice have heard of fabsil but not the seam sealer will give it a try when I can get some. Thanks.
  10. I have a jrc defender 60 inch brolly shelter. I recently bought a overwrap for it so I can do night sessions (when Covid allows). I bought it just before the lock down an set it all up in the garden an found that the overwrap leaks through the stitching where the door can be rolled up an secured. I contacted the company an they said to seal it or I could have my money back. I just wondered what was available to seal it.
  11. Thanks will take all the info on board an take it with me to the lake. Lots of ideas an wise words thanks.
  12. So which set up is the best and do both set ups work well over weed ??
  13. It’s not the biggest an it’s over grown on three side but there is two fishing pegs that have been fished from before. Last time I used the line clip the line snapped think I need to be more gentle when casting. I need to realise that you do not need to put as much force into the cast to get it to go a long way. When it snapped I had a big pva bag on as well. My casting does need to improve practice makes perfect. Surly this time of year it is a case of baiting up little an often so not to fill the carp up ??
  14. I might give a rack a go but would have to be a big area as my casting isn’t the best. I’ve seen videos of people racking their spots. Plus also been told pva bags might be another option.
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