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  1. My newest purchase was some camera equipment to start doing some vlogging, got some good trips planned and hopefully get some good footage! Just uploaded my first full video on YouTube, this is the first time I have recorded and edited a video myself and I am buzzing with the result. It’s not perfect but for a first attempt it’s spot on 👌🏻 go check it out and if you like the video remember to subscribe because I will have many more coming up! Any support is massively appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVHMlOfbVe6wGUDuxOyIjsw
  2. Thanks mate 👌🏻👍🏻
  3. Cheers mate 👍🏻
  4. Hi everyone, I’m new to this site so thought I would add a post to say hello! My name is josh and I’ve been fishing for around 16 years since I was a young lad with my dad. Since the years have gone on I’ve got more serious about my carp fishing and I’ve just decided to start vlogging some my fishing adventures and trips and also started vlogging different campaigns. All the support from anyone would be greatly appreciated by subscribing to my YouTube Chanel ( https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVHMlOfbVe6wGUDuxOyIjsw ) and following my Instagram account ( josh_rapley1) . I have some very exciting trips planned and the footage will be good 👌🏻 Anyway I’d like to share a little story from a recent session where I landed these 2 fish. Since the rules of lockdown got slightly lifted I was straight away out on the bank trying new fisheries such as Bishops Bowl, where I managed to bank a new PB mirror of 26.04 and another little private lake where I managed to bank a 24 mirror. After catching these I was itching to get back on my local that I have fished since being a kid, but I wasn’t able to fish it until the 1st of June as the lake wasn’t opening. So I made sure I booked myself 4 nights from the 1st. Session started well with me banking 3 fish in the first day, and it continued quite steady for the next 2 nights catching a few up to upper doubles. The following day it went quiet for a while with not much action so I got a little bit more bait around my spot tight to a fallen tree where I had all the fish from. Within 20 mins of a re cast the rod was off, when playing this fish I noticed it was a big ghostie, now I knew there was 2 ghosties that big, one around mid 20’s and one known as the “big ghostie” which came out twice last year at just over 30. This big ghostie is a fish I have been after for over 6 years so you can imagine the thoughts going through my head. Eventually I slid the net under the fish and before taking a proper look I went to wake my mate up. I went and woke him up from the next swim and said “I think I’ve caught it”, and he knew straight away what fish I was on about because I have mentioned it so many times, so we walked back into my swim and he had a proper look in the net which I still hadn’t done, he just turned and smiled and I knew I had the one 👌🏻 So at this point I’m thinking is this my first 30? Turned out not to be at 29lb 6oz, made no difference to me I was absolutely buzzing because it was another PB and a fish I have wanted for so long!!! And then to top that off about half hour later I landed this beautiful 24lb 2oz new PB common off the same spot! Love it!! Currently doing a campaign on a park lake which I am vlogging, trailer out on YouTube and Instagram so go check it out!! 48hrs at Sandhurst also coming up soon so will I catch my first 30? Subscribe to find out!! Tight lines everyone 👊🏻🎣🎣
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