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  1. That’s good going I’d be happy with a 22lber Lol What sort of bait would you recommend for baiting up? was thinking about getting a bulk amount of maize and mixing with a few boilies and chucking that in. I’m gonna go take a look on my next day off and explore the area. thanks for the advice much appreciated.👍
  2. @greekskii Not sure about now but I know some seals where seen in there last year near the dog in a doublet.
  3. @malcfish thanks for the reply I know people won’t give up information on spots as such but any advice to point me in the right direction is much appreciated. is that the nene parkway side where they go canoeing? I was thinking about getting a kayak to get on the river to search for spots that are out the way.
  4. Hi new member here, does anybody on here know much about fishing this area for carp and is there many in there? I’ve found a spot near the millennium bridge where boats are moored up and it looks a good place to start as it’s the only cover provided on that stretch of river but I didn’t see any carp about. is there anywhere else on this stretch of river worth looking at? Any advice or information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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