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  1. There was oy about 45 carp in there after the fish kill in the early 90s. I don't go round there much but even the last time I went in spring I saw a couple bow waving. The water is now so different to how it was in my few seasons on there (86-90) and it's never been a prolific water and for the same reasons as not fishing the Scotsmans ie low stock (though not as bad as Scotsmans) I find Cheshire a far more interesting place to fish. I'd really only consider fishing Wigan waters now if I was unemployed and couldn't afford to travel.
  2. Good to know!! I hope to walk down next time it's hot n see if I can see a few cruisers in there....
  3. I heard the carp were dead in there a couple of weeks back... it haven't been down to see anything. Interesting your saying bream? Have you been down n seen?
  4. no, and they're not for me so i'd not have one even if they were allowed.
  5. What to get small particles out? πŸ€ͺ catapults and throwing sticks are allowed thankfully!
  6. Yes indeedy - tis what I've been thinking of. My coarse fishing bandmate is always raving about "the method" as he tends to fish a lot of commercials catching smaller pasties but in numbers. Must admit when I saw the prices of method mix and even breadcrumb groundbaits they're a lot more expensive than umpteen years ago when I last used 'em. I used to make my own baits - from scratch so i'll have to buy in some fishmeals n stuff and knock up my own as I aint paying those rip off prices.
  7. The spod is banned, I just edited my post to clarify - we can use corn and pellets, hemp maggots and casters and groundbait but not much else besides those and boilies. I think balling some groundbait out is something I've not done in a long time that will have some positive effect as a lot of smell/attraction in the water will draw 'em in n get them searching for food. I think if we could spod on there it'd be deadly - but we can't. A rule says we can spod boilies only from October onwards. But who needs to spod boilies? Some pegs are not bad close in but a lot its more midrange distances - too far to catty small particle type baits.
  8. I don't see my result as "a result" I'm just me average really....and as once upon a time this was a runs water and now it's not (for everybody) tells me we're all in the same boat - often struggling. This lakes well stocked if these were all stockies that have never seen a line before I think everyone would be hauling 'em out. So I and others are experiencing the results if angling pressure. But all that said in such instances your suggestion of the baiting situation is still a good answer....get the fish feeding hard and competing with each other to scoff the next boilie. If only we could spod (banned) pellets n corn out there that'd help to achieve a feeding frenzy situation. I used to read Tim Paisley's writings on this tactic on pressured waters and think it us one of the answers. Yes we're still going to continue to get done but the more pickups you get the more chance of one hanging itself n running.
  9. Yeah I meant leadclip my bad. Bottom baits - mostly with a piece of fake corn to tip it off. Occasionally I'll do it with a small pop up n putty or a snowman. Very standard carp rig nothing fancy. The bottom of this lake is relatively clean sand....its a lake that was dug for sand fi r the m6 motorway - Dovemere (cheshire) on the Prince Albert card.. a water that once upon a time was a runs water but not anymore....plenty people do 48hr blanks on there these days or if they catch it's 1 or 2. Occasionally someone will have a bag up session when they're really having it and they're on em. Me...just returned from 2 nights for 2 fish...nothing till 11pm last night n 11.10am this morning. Yet there was quite a lot of shows in my swim mostly from cruising fish on top but a few rolls, boils n swirls and a few "boshes" yet only a measly 2 runs...methinks I'd have been done a number of times n never knew it....welcome to modern day carp fishing on pressured waters.
  10. I use a multi tangle rig. Just kidding lol...just a simple 10" coated braid with the last 2" peeled off by the hook with a 6 hook with a bit of shrink tubing to give a "bent hook" effect. Short hair from the braid knotless knot. 2oz lead (max on this water) with a safety bead on to give a semi fixed effect and about 12" of quick sink rig tubing behind the lead...pretty standard rig I guess. I used to use mono hooklengths...ESP Soft Ghost (flourocarbon) but it still feels pretty stiff n wirey to me so haven't used it in a while. Got some drennan half strength (double strength πŸ˜‰) that I might use for hooklink soon tis much thinner than a regular 10lb mono.
  11. Interesting...a thread on one of my local waters. I've never fished it myself properly (done 2 or 3 overnighters 30yrs ago) but I knew a few of the lads that did fish it a few years ago. I've lost touch with em now so no idea if they still fish it or have (more likely moved on) but....i did take pics for one of those guys...he had 3 fish off the the old railway side (now a road) don't towards the culvert end...one was a low 20 I forget the weight now and the other 2 a mid n high double. He caught the same 20 a couple of weeks later in the rushes side near moss bridge. I seen a few bivvies up on there when cycling down the canal a couple of months ago...seems they like to wade or dingy across to the island n fish on there now!! As for fish stocks .....very very low especially for the size of the water. Hence why personally I've never really bothered as I tend to fish more in Cheshire on Prince Albert waters. For me life's too short to waste on a huge lake like that with so few pegs on it meaning most of the water is water you cannot put a line to. If it had loads of 30+ fish in there with tons of backup 20s n doubles I'd be interested but it's just a huge water with a very low stock of nicked fish (apparently they swam from the limey maybe 15 or 20 years ago when the limey was closed to fishing for a while before eventually re opening again as a syndicate) and maybe a few fish of its own. I believe the Scotsmans has done a 30 or 2 but it's always going to be hard work on a place like that which I guess most danglers who are serious and not car less will drive to better waters. If ya like a challenge it's certain that...not for me though. Seen a few pics of 20s off there to 28lbs. Heard of 1 or 2 30s...how reliable those stories I dunno. The water is very rich and capable of producing big fish...used to do 2lb roach often years ago as well as other species.
  12. I think with the backlead thing you might have a point!!
  13. Does anybody fish the hair rig? By that I mean the original concept...1lb line 2" hair to give your bait a chance of behaving more like a freebie? I'm starting to think of using it again after many years of short hairs of the same material as the hooklink ie a continuation of (usually via a knotless knot). I need to start doing something different as I'm blanking when I have fish all around me and I cover a couple of feeding spells in my session time on the bank. I often backlead as much to pin the lines down close in so as not to be in the way of the other rod when playing a fish in the margins....as well for the line being pinned down round the baited areas. Sometimes I'll get 2 bleeps and I think is that a liner between my tip and the backlead or have I just been done. (I often fear the latter is the case!).
  14. I used to use it quite a few years ago on a water where boilies were banned....and it worked very well. I also used cheese to similar effect. I used it recently on a couple of occasions but to no success...but I do have a lot of confidence in it from the past where it worked very well. I used the regular green packet version...used to get the wideboy version it not seen that or know if they still even do it anymore...was just a thicker version of the same stuff. Of coarse you can't put a lot of it in due to cost...so I used to use it on stringers and was a boilies in when nobody was near or looking. One time on said bookie banned water some matchman type came running round n said "hey what was you firing in there? " pepperami I said showing him my opened packet. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰later on once they knew I was the carp man with the pepperami i went onto cylinder shaped fishmeals boilies. And pushed the boilie sausages into used pepperami packets....and would cut it off as if it was pepperami from a pepperami packet. To anti carp anglers aka matchmen it was very easy to fool them. Oh the find memories I have if that water.... πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  15. In the end I just took back the A Pod Plus" this morning and got my refund from angling direct ( my local Wigan branch)...and ordered a Stalker Plus Pod from Angling direct online as their warehouse shows 10+ in stock. Weird the shop couldnt order one in just said go online n get direct from their warehouse...so that's what I did. Better bag(padded), adjustable legs(banksticks) and 2 rod buzz bars as well as 3. Makes more sense for an extra Β£35...as to buy those upgrades would cost a lot more if I was to buy them as I planned to. Oh well got their in the end.
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