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  1. Hi, are barrow bags standard sizes. Im after one for the barrow ive just bought but cant seem to find one?! Size is 280mm x 490mm
  2. I've literally just bought a pair of Fortis Polaroids today - looking forward to seeing how much easier it makes seeing things! Going to go for a look tonight ahead of a day session...
  3. Thanks for your comments, really appreciated. I fish a small natural lake in a park (about 1 1/2 acres), with a really low stock of carp and it is quite low down and rarely fished. What was confusing me is that the majority of the carp seem to come out at the shallower end (say 5ft), but this is like the NW end of the lake..... I've caught 2 carp and 2 decent sized tench, but literally blanked about 20 times on day sessions (albeit most of these are generally for 4/5 hours after work). I think i need to spend more time trying to locate the fish....
  4. I'm trying to improve my carp fishing and watercraft generally but i'm struggling to fully understand how the wind effects the specific lake i am fishing on. Is wind direction worth taking into consideration even if there is barely any wind - say like 5-10mph? I dont know if i'm over thinking wind direction. Tomorrow its stating easterly winds which from what i can gather is generally the worst conditions, but like I've asked above is this critical if there is barely any wind? Also would you be more inclined to look for signs of fish over fishing where the wind dictates? Thanks for your help in advance
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