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  1. I come across some tins of musky octopus and was going to use it for perch would it be any good for carp
  2. I’ve made my own bait for yrs it’s a buzz when you catch cause it’s your own achievement
  3. Put a stone in the pva bag I’ve used this tactic for on the top but not bottom fishing
  4. I know this is not fishing related guys and I might get told off for this if so I’m sorry. We all have bad times in our lives guys so you can all relate to this Please give this girl a listen and a like or follow on you tube please she’s a good friend and this is her life story about her and the amazing people who adopted her Trinity Leigh piece by piece. Thank you everyone
  5. Pre bait with it nice spod soup over a few ziggys and with the bottle of goo in too nothing to lose maybe a carp to gain 🤔🤔
  6. I find the electric shavers don’t work for me I’ve stubble still after using one
  7. I use a cut throat lovely close shave no rash just takes getting used to
  8. Nice one ouch glad things are looking up
  9. The way things have been ive caught on match what’s going in but I don’t use flavours or colours what it is it is
  10. I use exactly the same match the hatch so to speak My hookbaits have an amino food soak to beef them up so to speak but that is it
  11. I did try the pink goo and the mystic spice in the end it was a 10mm miscreate with fake maggot as a stop that got me the bites it was just one of them times the guys in the next swim were using maggots an could only pick a tench an bream up that was it the match guys struggled too
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