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  1. This sounds very much like the water I’m fishing commonly best of luck buddy may the carp gods look on you kindly
  2. Hi I’m no expert by a long shot walk around before you fish early morning sunset your eyes will be your biggest weapon at the moment the more time you spend around there you will soon learne where they like to be what’s the depths what’s the topography of the lake bed trickle a bit of bait in here and there keep eye on it hope this helps
  3. I’ve used a 3-5inch but have also used a 3inch pully rig to good effect
  4. I must say this lake is well managed if anything they don’t like outsiders there and really try not to let on what’s swimming in there lol publicity ban social media ban etc there is always someone around once they do get to know that your a serious angler they do help with info etc so I can understand it’s like it is for a reason just to let you guys know if I’m slow in replying I apologise my farther in law has just tested positive for COVID so I’ll be helping them out shopping etc so I’ll be a bit slow responding guys
  5. I’m not sure but got told that there’s foreign anglers been caught putting out night lines for stealing carp so hope the powers that be slam them hard hope the carp are fine
  6. I had a strange one yesterday I was by my rod had a run hanger hit the rod I hit into fresh air didn’t feel nothing whatsoever
  7. Well I’m out on the bank it’s busy dog walkers runners etc I’ve had a few liners I think they’re from tench or bream at the mo by I know mister carp is close I didn’t see them but I caught them rubbing up against these bouys look how they left them
  8. I’m off tomorrow before they close the parc Monday as I’ve been told by the bailiff why the lake is being shut is anyone’s guess but the powers that be say it’s closed then I suppose it’s closed lol
  9. Some tidy looking hooks are they strong for hook an hold etc
  10. Glad to hear the hound is feeling better
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