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  1. Don’t sound like things are going to plan for you today ouch
  2. Mother Nature must pee herself laughing at us anglers at times I’m sure 😂😂
  3. I know that feeling to well 😂😂😂
  4. I had a old friend like that ancient gear an he would allways pull out some awesome fish while others blanked he used to make me laugh we wouldn’t call it fishing I’d say to him coming to p**s some people off and he would just shrug an mumble something under his breath your making the tea he’d say as he was getting in the car we would turn up he’d be gone I’d find him tucked away somewhere with his canvas bag seat an he could catch em the old git
  5. Well I’ve got to say John baker opened my eyes about pop up mix I’ll not be using one anymore cork ball or dust from now on 100%defo
  6. It was listening to the likes of rod an John an Gary bairnes gave me the knowledge to create my own base mix cheers guys
  7. Definitely the weed photosynthesis at night so out they come safety of darkness also helps elmo
  8. If my park lake was open I’d be there but the little lake I was on Saturday have shut up shop I put the spy around the lake the carp are all on bottom wrapped in weed an the spy going through didn’t move them an inch so I’m not holding much hope
  9. Rip rod he was one of the first and leading boilie additive guys out there
  10. Me too ouch just gives you the knowledge that I know no one is using what I’m using and I can tweak it to suit my needs one of the liquids I used to use you can’t get no more was richworth Aqua stim that stuff the carp used to go looking for it lol
  11. The same down this neck of the woods I put the fish spy over the lake yesterday all layed up in the weed the spy going past them didn’t even disturb them shut up shop just wrapped in weed
  12. It was nippy 0 to -1 in the wind they say us southerners are soft lol I love winter fishing the peace an chances are you’ll have the lake to yourself that’s my English buddy from up north somewhere lol he was cold he lives down here now an he can moan for Wales 😂😂
  13. Blank for me but it was nice to just be out
  14. Blank for me an my butty but it was nice to just be out by a water feel stress free now aaaahhhh
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