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  1. Sort of mucka it’s more for my own observation as there’s a particular common I’m targeting but it doesn’t seem to matter on this particular water lol it seems to have its own weather system as well as hard fishing lol
  2. You can buy 1kg bags of tigers from baf mucka prepare them properly a little goes a long way
  3. Good to hear your doing well and it’s really nice to hear your putting your experience to use and showing others good on you and best of luck
  4. At least it’s a plan elmo I’m struggling at the moment I think the otter has had an impact on the water even just trying to find them is hard work I think they’re in towards the middle section of the lake but the other members haven’t caught either other than 2 bream the weed is even worse this yr
  5. It seems the same everywhere elmo I couldn’t get a touch on a dog biscuit soaked in hemp oil they just wasn’t interested all different size and make but not a touch
  6. It seems to be the same all over there seem to be more grebes and tuftys around a small pond by us never had any only ducks but there’s tuftys now just found out there’s an otter has taken out 10 fish in the syndicate lake the 36lb common is dead and the lin has been had not good makes you lose heart as you can’t do nothing they’re protected
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