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  1. Good old luncheon meat an the grill old school baits lol
  2. Has anyone used cous cous as a ground bait or bag mix
  3. I dont listen to all the waffle and try and be happy every day there are those worse off than me is what I think every day that got a way of keeping you positive at least for me anyway
  4. Simon the weed is all different types from Canadian to this stuff that looks like the kelp you get at sea as well as large rocks boulders etc used to keep the liner down its brutal in places not to bad in others but in the same breath to get in the not so bad swims is hard work cause they're usually taken on a one in one out basis.
  5. Yes drop off inline I'll have to put one togeather an show you guys
  6. No yonny the hooklink is held in place by the leader coming over the outside of the lead the lead is drop off set up
  7. I use the fox inline pear and chop the incert just behind the thick bit place the swivel which I find a better fit than korda leads into the thick cut piece run the leader or line over the top in the groove rubber sleeve on the end good to go drop the lead on a take but take a very substantial cast etc
  8. Glad hes back with you both an doing well butty
  9. The vets and love finchey believe me you can see it in his face hes as happy as a pig in the proverbial😁
  10. I dont think it's that elmo look how much the government have lied about it I know someone who passed away it said on the cert covid but they had terminal cancer and wasnt able to get their treatment?? Members of my family had it xmas I was with them all I didnt get it and am not a carrier my misses has no immune system she surely would have contacted it from me if I was my mind is allways open
  11. Look how happy he is to be back with the ones that love him
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