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  1. Me too ouch just gives you the knowledge that I know no one is using what I’m using and I can tweak it to suit my needs one of the liquids I used to use you can’t get no more was richworth Aqua stim that stuff the carp used to go looking for it lol
  2. The same down this neck of the woods I put the fish spy over the lake yesterday all layed up in the weed the spy going past them didn’t even disturb them shut up shop just wrapped in weed
  3. It was nippy 0 to -1 in the wind they say us southerners are soft lol I love winter fishing the peace an chances are you’ll have the lake to yourself that’s my English buddy from up north somewhere lol he was cold he lives down here now an he can moan for Wales 😂😂
  4. Blank for me but it was nice to just be out
  5. Blank for me an my butty but it was nice to just be out by a water feel stress free now aaaahhhh
  6. We’ve got snow everywhere at the moment so hopefully be able to get the car there
  7. I’ll be up there about 4 o’clock in the morning I’m going to try hot ground bait see if putting a bit of hot stuff out I’ve enough vitalin to keep it going throughout the day and something different boiling hot particles
  8. Change that no night fishing off first thing in the morning
  9. I’ve managed to get a nighter with a butty leaving at 7 and it’s snowing 🤞🤞
  10. No just hookpull witch I’ve sorted now no separation from bait to hook
  11. I don’t fish in the weed just the dirty silty stuff behind or in front
  12. Well in blue nice fight on the pin butty
  13. Like emmecee says I’m sure all the nutrabaits were 500 grams of base mix
  14. The lake I fish the hard spots are where everyone fish and not a lot gets caught. Myself I fish the end of the weed or behind a weed Bed in the silt I’ve yet to land one but have had 7 takes so I’m doing something right
  15. Combi or reverse combi with a curve shank or just standard 3 inch braided hooklink with a size 10 claw they are usually my first 2 to go out
  16. it do if you hold the dog lead out the window and keep the car at a steady 10miles an hour lol 😂😂😂
  17. It’s all a learning curve even I’m still learning just don’t get swamped with it all take your time learn as you go don’t think I’ve got to do this or that to catch cause I seen it on you tube etc can be both a help and hindrance just ask the guys on here will give you good sound advice best of luck to landing your first carp
  18. For me micro barbed all day I don’t agree with barbless they move and tear my own experience has shown me this but then poor fishery management also plays a part of lake is heavy weed and Lilly’s an can’t use a boat why keep a barbless policy in place but that’s a whole different subject if the lake you choose permits it go with micro barbed
  19. There’s a few around like that and it’s a shame but nice to see you have thought about it so well done 👍
  20. There’s good guys on here and their knowledge on fishing is extensive,show me a fisherman or fisherwoman who don’t luv talking fishing lol the wychwood reel I mentioned was 60 quid I think and my friend says it was a good first reel he’s still got his just don’t dust it off as much these days keep things simple yours eyes will be your biggest asset to you just enjoy it don’t expect to start hauling straight away if you catch look where the hook hold is this can teach you things and another very important note carp care !!!! Have you got a mat or cradle have you carp care ointment or fel
  21. The rod is fine nothing wrong with that for a first reel not expensive but will do you till you find your feet wychwood big pit it will be easy for you to use not heavy and will probably suit 99%of the waters your Lilly to fish starting off hope it’s some help as I don’t know your budget
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