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  1. On my first session right at the beginning of the day I saw 4 carp on the surface, cast to them and nothing come of it. The other two sessions I've been casting to fizzing and again nothings come of that.
  2. hi all, has anyone had any success with a Ronnie rig with a soft/semi stiff hook link on a silty venue?
  3. Hi, been fishing a new venue the last few weeks (shillinglee). I've done 3 days on there now (45 hours) and have blanked. I've tried different hook baits. I've tried bottom bait hair rig, soft hinge rig and semi stiff hinge rig. All on helicopters. The lake is quite silty the whole way through. Its quite low stock maybe 50-75 fish in an 8 acre lake. Ive tried fishing on the silt and on hard drops. Wondering if you have any rig advice or tactics for a venue like this.
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