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  1. I am fishing a small 1 1/2 acre estate lake average depth of around 5ft with silt everywhere couple of ft deep in the middle of the pond. I find this time of the year especially they hold up in areas of sanctuary behind lilly pads, back of island & inbetween swims where there is less pressure I have noticed this by spending plenty of times walking the lake early morning & just before dark. Fish location is no 1 priority and getting to know there patrol routes I lead about when I am not fishing get my wraps sorted all around the lake to give me options to move onto showing fish with as least disturbance as possible I would say 90% of the anglers who fish the lake have long blanking sessions they just turn up bait up and wait I have had 4 out since lockdown and I am very happy with that but I do put the time in even without a rig in the water. My advice would to be keeping your eyes on the water and do your leading around find those areas and watch there movements even know I am fishing a small lake my binoculars are around my neak 24/7. Keep rigs simple & bait up regularly in the areas you find preferably the lest obvious parts of the lake. Tightlines 🎣
  2. Have some nice quiet spots with bait trickling in for a week now not put a rod on them yet 🎣
  3. Thanks guys quality advice I have found around 3 or 4 areas where they hold up and a couple of spots that they feed on only problem is where I have seen them feed alot so does everyone else and quite common to turn up and those known feeding spots are being fished 80% of the time.
  4. Hi All I have been fishing a lake only small around 1 1/2 acres in size for a couple of months now it has some really snaggy margins and goes to around 7 ft in the deep end to around 3ft in the shallows. I love the lake has a couple of commons into the low 30s few high 20 mirrors and about 6 other 20s made up of mirrors and commons with a stock of approx 60 carp. No bream a few tench and perch. I have had 3 out so far and I will concentrate on this lake until next spring so I wanted to do a bit of pre baiting. I have not done a baiting campaign before on a venue I was thinking of baiting with boilies and pellet but as for quantity of bait I am unsure so I am looking for some advice on the best way to do a baiting strategy as baits, quantities and any other advice please Thanks 🎣
  5. How can I get any info on that a Google search dosent come up with much info at all
  6. Sinah is on my club ticket stunning lake but gets proper rammed from thursday onwards that's the trouble with club waters when you have 1200 members hence looking for info on syndicates rather than club waters.
  7. Looked at RDAA & FAS they have plenty of really good lakes and a possible short term option. PDAS offers some really nice carp & stunning waters locally to me without the long drive just looking for something more laid back with a smaller number of anglers than on club waters
  8. Hi all I live in the Southampton area of hampshire and currently fishing the Portsmouth and district angling society. Very nice set of club waters and well run I am very impressed with the club but it comes a time when you just want something a little bit different. I am on the lookout to join a syndicate with a good quality stock of carp up into 40s with a good back up of 30s & upper 20s. Distance wise no more than an hours drive radius but if a little bit more then so be it. I know that alot of these syndicates are a closed book and not expecting too much as off a public reply so please any info that you want to stay private then please send me in a private message. Would be good to know what is out there I know of billcomes, chichester lakeside syndicates and a couple of others be really nice to see what else is around with waiting list, prices, stock levels & honest carpy reviews on them. Thanks Gary
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