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  1. wow centerpin wouldnt of thought it. Never used one. Dumb question do they have anti-reverse.
  2. Hi All I'm getting an ESP 10ft 3lb Stalker for margin \ snag fishing. They feel like great rods I guess max casting range will be 30 yds. I need some ideas for a reel to team it with I don't want anything too big that will unbalance the rod. Also don't want to spend too much, I'm not tight but I'm not spending £200 for a reel when the rod cost 50 ! This rig isn't my primary casting set up but will be a hit and hold affair.. Anyone out there use Scopes or similar ??
  3. Hi All Hope everyone is well, first time here. Im thinking of going back to the rods after a break of many many years and Im sure things have moved on somewhat since then (I remember fishing with Robin Red when it first came out, so if you know what that is you will have some clue :).... I need a kit refresh specifically rod holdall and day chair first. Looking for something with lots of padding for up to 3 made up rods. Ideally with individual internal pockets to keep Rods separate. And a nice comfy well padded day chair. Any recommendations for online shop websites
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