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  1. Newest purchase? Mines a new pack of 2/3oz leads and 2 new 10g inline methods. Was going to be Mainline Cell 10mm Boillies, Mainline Orange 8mm Wafters, Korda Goo Almond Smoke and Pineapple Supreme and some Mainline Margin Mix ready for a session this weekend but my mates car has broken down so haven't purchased them as it looks like we can't go 😞
  2. Cheers Bluelable. Glad to able to talk to some real anglers for a change might I add guys. Love the picture by the way she's a belter mate. I couldn't imagine the owners face if I rocked up with a centrepin & split cane rod, I think he'd have a heart attack lol. Would be fun though. Tight lines buds.
  3. I know Framey, in my reels case though it were bad maintenance. I have a very good mate in his now mid 50s whom I lovingly call the old god taught me damn near most of what I knew when I started out as a carp angler and same said with barbell fishing. In actual fact my barbell fishing even to this day remains vastly unchanged from what he taught me unlike my carp fishing which has progressed massively over the 11 years since I started, I've learnt to adapt my technique to incorporate some of my old match tactics from my years as a junior matchman hence the massive love for short handed rods w
  4. That's true Carpmaster and like I say he hasn't told me I can't use them on his specimen lake he just seems to be under the belief that my rods wouldn't handle a 38lb fish. I don't think he understands I'm a seasoned angler of nearing 20 years and that I have always fished this style for Carp. Like I said to Framey I offered to fish his lake on my 7ft spinning rod to prove my point lol. You hold a very valid point Bluelabel. Proving it's not about the rods tc or even the overall set up its about each anglers ability to be able to judge when to let the fish run and when to bring the fight
  5. Lol yep pretty much mate. I catch most of my fish from margins and always love the heart in mouth feeling I get knowing I'm attached to a nice double on such a small tc. I fish another Fishery on a regular basis and he loves watching me fighting against his fish with such light tackle. I will try and find a photo off my cloud drive of at least 1 of the fish I have landed on said rods from the margins.
  6. Hey Commonly, I know exactly what you mean about playing lumps on such small tc's the feeling is almost to great for words. He never said I couldn't use them but claimed I would be massively under gunned. I'm predominantly a margin angler for carp using small inline leads or feeders usually ranging from 10g - 19g as I only drop the line directly onto the chosen location and walk it back to my rest so don't need to cast and when I do cast it's usually just off the marginal shelf. So with that said a massive 12ft rods make no sense for my style of angling. Personally speaking I think chucki
  7. Hi all, I would love to hear your opinions on this one. I got told last weekend by the owner of a local fishery that my 8ft 2lb TC Carp Stalking rods would be under gunned to fish their specimen lake because it contains fish up to and not exceeding 38lb. Now I contested this theory of his as my current PB Common of 22.5lb was caught on a 1.75lb TC Barbell rod using may I add a very precarious reel that meant I had the fight of my life with her but still managed to land her. In fact more to the point it took my brother twice as long to land a 12lb Mirror on a 3lb TC with a fully worki
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