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  1. Much appreciated. Just stumbled across these .... https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/greys-gt2-carp-rods They do 11ft in 2.25 lb test. Also Korum do a Neoteric 12ft rod in 2.2 test. Not sure of their quality, etc...
  2. 3lb test ..... Wasted on me that. I only use 8 or 10 lb line with 1.5 or 2 oz leads 😀 I tend to fish quite light .... Probably why I catch so many poxy bream !! I remember years ago when some of the older more wealthy anglers started turning up to my local with these 3lb tc rods that seemed to have massive rings / eyes and resembled a broom handle. Never thought they'd become the norm ...... God I'm getting old
  3. Many thanks for this. Are these the Free Spirit rods? Very nice looking ....
  4. Thanks both. Harrison's are probably out of my range price-wise, sadly. I have been looking at the shorter rods. Funny because as a youngster that's what me and friends started carp fishing with, 9ft Leger Rods, almost gone full circle 😀 I'll do a bit more research on these shorter carp rods.
  5. Good morning all, Not wanting to regurgitate previous posts about 'Which Rods', etc ... But I'm having a great deal of trouble finding modern / new carp rods with what I see as a sensible test curve, i.e. say between 2lb and 2.5lb. I've not bought rods or looked into them for say 15 years but when did 3lb t/c become the norm. Back in the day the only people I knew who owned these heavier rods were regulars to fishing in France. Also what happened to 11ft? That was the norm untill 12ft kind of took over, now I see a raft of dwarf-style jungle sticks of between 6 and 9 ft. I onl
  6. Thanks all for your input - much appreciated!
  7. Ha ha ha .... Been about the past 8 years though, that's my problem !?!?!
  8. Thanks for the feedback gents. I'm pretty much doing everything you've suggested, which is how I've carp fished for the best part of 20 years on and off. Simple mono hook lengths with running leads or simple semi fixed inline leads with a supple kryston braided hook length. Caught literally 100's of carp fishing this way, small PVA mesh / bags, stringers, etc... Never been one for piling bait in, never had the money to be honest. Used to always make my own baits but most readymade baits these days seem to work for most and given my limited time suit my style of fishing, i.e short 5-6 hour sess
  9. Here's a question. Do you think you can get worse at fishing? I think back to fishing as a teenager and even into my 20's and I found catching carp relatively easy, that may sound arrogant but to be blunt, I did. My bait worked, my rigs worked, I read the water well and caught fish, simple as. These days I feel like I know more about the sport, my rigs are tidier, my tackle is more appropriate, my bait is better and fresher yet 9 times out of 10 I blank. Tried and tested methods in productive swims and nothing. I certainly feel different nowadays, lacking confidence, probably over t
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