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  1. 1 hour ago, elmoputney said:

    Do sticky not do a matching krill bait booster? 



    They do but it’s a deep red colour, not ideal when I’m trying to keep the white. 

    1 hour ago, framey said:

    White colour from the bait making section or look for titanium dioxide powder (iirc)

    5ml liquid  flavour bait making section 

    100ml glycerin 

    pour it all into a container 

    shake it up and you have a goo 

    Cheers mate I’ll give it a try!

  2. 5 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

    I just googled white goo was surprised by the results 




    I think we’ve all made a mistake before mate😂


    In response to your question, there is a few white goos I can use (after your last message it feels so bad to say it😂) but none of them are fish flavoured, they all are sweet, which would defeat the purpose of the krill wafter. 

  3. I use white hookbaits a lot and recently have been thinking about adding to their attraction using liquids/powders etc. 
    Recently I bought some krill white wafters, and would like to boost their attraction using the methods mentioned above.
    However, I can’t find krill (or any fishy flavoured) boosters in white. Is there any way to purchase a normal bottle of the liquid, and then somehow colour it white? If so please enlighten me as I’m well and truly stumped. 

  4. 7 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    25kg of pellets and 4l of molasses delivered free from blakes baits

    Cheers I’ll try that out, I’m a big fan of pva bags so the pellets will be useful for this as well!

    6 hours ago, yonny said:

    As a very general rule if activity levels are low then baiting levels should be lower. If activity is rife it's time to fill it in

    Thanks for this, great tip which I’ll definitely be using for my fishing. 

  5. 7 hours ago, bluelabel said:

    try a floatfished bait or a big worm or prawn.

    Cheers mate I’ll give it a go. 

    51 minutes ago, Golden Paws said:

    crumbed or halved boilies will encourage the fish to have to work harder for food and will keep them in the area longer and is well worth a try.

    Alright, thanks for the reply, I’ll try it out soon. 

    25 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

    It really depends on the situation and Conditions a kilo wouldnt last me a session though even in winter it would probably be fed once I've finished if not used before,it's a tough one to gauge though sometimes, I'm more confident fishing over bait tbh, and I use it to get loads of attraction going into the spot, if I don't catch this session normally it helps farther along the line, too many anglers base there success on one trip, mine is based on a season or year these days, I already think its been a successful year for me but I have used quite a lot of bait, for me bait is confidence and confidence will catch you more carp 👍

    Tbh, I probably would be going for this approach if money wasn’t so tight, but I think I’ll try what the others think, simply due to the far lower cost.

    Thanks for the help guys.

  6. How many boilies do people tend to use while fishing?

    The reason I’m asking is because while browsing the forums, I’m noticing people saying that they’re  throwing in kilograms of boilies per session, whereas a single kilo will probably last me around 4 months. Is this not the best idea or am I reading too much into it? 

  7. 10 hours ago, salokcinnodrog said:

    Coated braids I use a lot, you can strip a section near the hook for flexibility, a softer supple section, or use stiffer. Even in weed to some extent they are camouflaged, and look like weed stems. They are basically a cross between stiff and supple. 

    Thanks mate 

    Can you explain how I would go about “stripping” a section of the line? 

    Also I’m looking at the Nash Skin-link semi stiff for fishing without a bag, and the Avid Carp pin down braid for when I do use a bag. Anyone know of these, or are most braided lines practically the same and the branding etc doesn’t really matter?

    Thanks again for all the help 

  8. 29 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

    Hi mate 

    Personally I would use a softish braid in a solid bag with an inline lead rather than a leadclip, 

    If you mean a mesh bag just hooked onto the hook I would probably still use a semi stiff coated braid personally 

    A lot will also depend what type of surface you are fishing over, at this time of year I wouldn't use a stiff material unless I was confident it was a clean bottom, as you may find it lands on a twig or something and just spends the night inches off the bottom  not presented that well 

    Would also help to know what sort of rig you are using, hope this helps 

    Thanks for the reply 

    So a soft braid inside the bag but what about the solid bag? While I will use them for most of my fishing, there will be times that they won’t be effective. 

    I’m definitely confused over the difference between semi-stiff and stiff hooklinks in general, although your answer has helped me understand a lot. 

    I would use an inline lead, but again I’m new to this and don’t know how to make it semi fixed😂

    I’m simply using a knotless knot, size 8 wide gape, mono hooklink and a swivel on the end. Nothing fancy whatsoever but am looking at some different rigs to learn how to tie.

  9. I’m fairly new to carp fishing and looking at ways to improve my current rig, one way I’ve thought of is a different hook link material to mono. Does anyone have an opinion on the pros/cons of stiff vs semi stiff braid? 

    Most likely to be used in a pva bag with lead clip.

    Also I apologise if I’m on the wrong thread, please feel free to tell me if this is the case.

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