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  1. This mornings view......was a pleasant one watching the reflections as well as watching carp feeding in the still water.. my trip was another one of my short sessions on one of my club waters, bait in the water at 7.30 and packed up at 10.30... ( I do a lot of these short sessions in the winter, just to keep an eye on what’s going on ) this water is not a easy water and you almost need a machete to get to the swims around the back and a good pair of wellies to get through the ankle deep wet mud 😁... so it was my “ very mobile and doesn’t matter if my gear gets damaged kit today “ the trip was
  2. Used the recommended bulin T4 today in anger, my god it’s a good stove on my 4th cuppa now.
  3. Chilly day session today... won’t be a long day.. but my last short session here a couple of weeks ago with frost on the ground resulted in a 19 lb 2oz common after three hours fishing.. hoping for the same sort of luck today 😂😂😂
  4. Thanks for the info Guys, today I had my Bulin T4 stove turn up today and what can i say ... very pleased, I didn't think anything could better my old petrol cooker but this is way better.
  5. I must admit, I have been thinking about replacing my trusty petrol cooker with a gas cooker. Are any of these gas cookers better than others, say Primus or trakker I know they are more money but are they any better... on the other hand my petrol cooker has never given me any problems .. it lights in every weather and boils and cooks quick, I have been using it for the last twenty plus years for both fishing and motorcycle rallies.. but I am now thinking I should move with the times and go gas.. still enjoyed tea from the old Coleman this morning.
  6. Only here for a dawn to dusk session today, but my view on this chilly day is better than sitting indoors.
  7. Lovely reel, have not got mine any more.. but regularly use my Trudex pin for carp..
  8. Dinner first and a fish on the matt later.
  9. I used to use one of those, I remember it well.. just get it all set up nicely then sit on the middle and the top and bottom sections shot up in the air and you had to re set the ratchets again... mind you it was more comfortable Than just laying in a old army sleeping bag on the ground.... how things have changed..
  10. I try to fish with minimum disturbance and not too much bait (especially if the spot is regularly fished by others, as they generally throw a lot of bait in ) if it’s choddie I will probably fish chods with light weights 1.5 oz ish .. alternately it could be line clips or free running ( what ever the situation requires really ) but the main thing I try to do is locate where the fish are... if they are not there... you haven’t got a chance.
  11. Yep same here, I did a night at my syndicate last week and stayed up most of the night.... got home following lunchtime and slept until 6 in the evening 😁
  12. Not quite as good as a set of alarms, but it still worked... mind you we didn’t sleep when night fishing back in those days..
  13. Early and misty start to the day, it did result in a fish though...
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