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  1. I haven't been able to find any decent replacements as yet but have had my eye on few that look to be better quality. Problem is, they come at a much higher price point. The other issue is finding things in stock at the minute. Quite a few of the ones I have been looking at are out of stock everywhere in the sizes I would want.
  2. Chub silicone collapsible kettle. Absolutely perfect for the short sessions I do and an absolute steal at £6.99. On the other hand, like Highy, I picked up a couple of the Avid lockdown banksticks a while back and they were garbage. The entire locking mechanism on both sticks fell off during my first trip out with them. It was obviously attached to the stick with a tiny dot of glue in the factory. A good blob of epoxy in there has sorted them out but still, you don't expect these things to be so shoddily made for the price you pay for them.
  3. I fish a lake similar to what you describe and would suggest the following; 1. Use a pendant lead on a run ring. The lead will often plug into the clay which, if you are using an inline, could hinder presentation. 2. The water in clay dug pits is often quite murky so you don't need to worry too much about camouflaging your end tackle. My starting approach would be a supple braid link of anywhere between 8-12 inches with a line aligner and balanced bait or a bottom bait straight out of the bag. I don't fish popups on this lake as I think one of the main benefits of a popup is its visu
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