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  1. Thanks guys! So it comes down to getting the centurys if i make it, if not the shimanos. Will try them out This is perfect! That's the best way to choose a rod.
  2. So, i've made kind of a shortlist of rods i like by reviews and looks. Ofcourse, i'll try any rod in my hand before buying. I don't want to be the guy with a million dumb questions, but on a carp forum i can ask specific stuff and get specific answers, reviews rarely cover what i really want to know and how it feels first hand from people using the rods. I'd like some feedback how you would rank thoose rods, kind of a poll. Then i'll shorten the shortlist and go on trying and buying So there they are: Free spirit CTX 13' 3.5lb SU Century NCS 13' 3.5lb (Those are currently on a deal
  3. Yes stiff, but there's a difference between a stiff fast tip action rod and a rod that feels like a catfish rod. If you know what i mean, don't really know how to express myself in english I'm comparing to Tribal TX-ultra again. I threw them more than far enough with decent accuracy but they still bend nicelly and allow some hook safety under a 15kg carp. I'm not looking if it's possible to get what i want, i know it is just not sure if i'm expresing myself correctly and if it's possible for a lower price range. Thanks for the recomendation, didn't really look at free sp
  4. Thanks guys for the answers. Seems shimano is the way to go... I can go a bit over 150. I tried out the TX-4 and i cast it around 170. Around 150 with some precision. So i believe with some training and practice that would go 170 with accuracy. And that's all i'll ever need. I'm lost in all those rods, only ever fished in closer ranges where some 3lb 12' rods were perfect. I'm really trying to find anything other in the lower price range other than tx4 with the same "stiffnes" and "speed" but not a broom stick, i can use my spod rod for that, so, Additional question: Fox Horizon x3
  5. Hi all! I'm new to the forum, not so new to carp fishing. :) So i'm currently using Daiwa Black Widow G50 12' 3.0lb rods and I like them, they do the job nicely up to around 70 m distance. Over that they're losing precision and around 100m is the max to cast them at all. (For me at least) Now i'm looking for a casting rod set because next season i plan on going to a few bigger lakes where the usual fishing distance is about 120-140m from the bank. I'll keep my black widows for river fishing and closer distances, where i aprreciate the fish play the soft rods offer, but for the big
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