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  1. Hi all! Thanks for the advice Carpmaster, ill consider it definetly! Emmcee I mean grindinding up tigers and hemp not a meal
  2. Thanks for the responce! I concidered it before, but I wanted to try with those two speciffic ingredients, any particular reason to leave them out( not binding well, not that good of a combination, etc.)?
  3. Hello all, I've read many posts in how to make my own boilies and good combinations regarding substainces. I've decided on the following recipe and would like your opinion on it( mainly for spring/summer): 500gr Blended tiger nuts 100gr blended hemp seeds 300gr semolina 300gr soya flour 200gr whey vanilla protein 100gr honey Mixed together with 11 eggs I do not want use flavourings ass i prefer to rely on the natural ones of the above products. Boil for 90 sec, afterwards air dry as freezer space is a biiiig issue. Would love to hear your
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