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  1. Hi mate just seen this yeah I’ve fished hatch a couple of times i know there’s a 32 in their called patch he has a scar from an otter I think tactics wise the closer to the Lilly’s the better or the margins very silty bottom so I use a Chod 👍
  2. I learned a lot from other anglers when I was younger you usually find the old school lads are the most helpful on the bank YouTube is good
  3. I’ve had a little lead about with the marker float and it’s 24 ft deep in the middle roughly I’ve found a little rough spot just off a bed of weed I’m gonna put two rods on it and fish another spot with the third 24 hours and hopefully someone will show themselves ready for next time I work five days a week so have only weekends spare hopefully I’m not bothered too much 🤞
  4. I havnt located the fish yet it’s the first time I’ve fished it I’ve heard of different spots fish have been caught but fishing it for first time this weekend it’s gonna be trial and error I think
  5. Probably gonna use the mesh with crushed boilie with a pop up but I’m probably gonna wait for a good weekend to fish it temperature dropping this weekend so don’t know weather to fish it
  6. So minimal tactics then ova bag and a few loose boil lies approach 👍
  7. I’m thinking of pre baiting a few spots on a lake before u fish it any tips or advice on pre baiting would be great 👍 👍👍
  8. I’m gonna try a little pre baiting before I fish it
  9. Cheers mate sound I was gonna pre bait a little before I fished it maybe scatter a bit of particle then fish over the top thanks for your help
  10. Brilliant cheers mate and how do I contact him new to these forums so not quite sure lol👍
  11. Yes I have seen a lot of angler on there in the summer just gone but really going in blind on this place
  12. Looking to fish ham common lake Dorset anyone on here fished it recently and any tips on the place would be a help looking to Chuck a bit of bait in prior to fishing it 👍👍👍
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