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  1. Hey guys! Interested in someone reading this "Ultimate eBook" ??? Can you tell me some info about it ??? I am only specifically interested in making baits, this is for the best, but .... 110 pounds is no small money .... I don't want to buy bull[censored] .. Please provide information! Thanks! !
  2. Hi Guys ! May be looking forward to a little! I'll see what's in the okuma of the future! We have an ultegra xtd tuning plus bearings greasing joints ... £ 50-70 which is done by a reel mechanic! I don't know if this amount is worth it to me! Because I sell ultegrat for almost a new price plus I add that to 50 pounds and I’m already ahead! Mechanic specialist says okuma 8k is like a catfish spindle rough durung heavy spindle. The penn is a robust reel but tends to twist the line!
  3. Hi ! Thanks ! I know the reel are good but which one is better ??? The point is which one does not twist the line and which can withstand 150 meter throws and wild carp from a great distance! Which structure is more stable and modern construction who has what opinion ... They are afraid of daiwa new ones because they say pure plastic ... Shimano was a big disappointment
  4. Hi Guy ! I'm looking for a reel for long distance fishing! Currently Shimano ultegra xtd is! I don't like it, weak structure .... I chose these two reels! Okuma 8k or Penn affinity iiI 8000 lceu Give advice on which one would you buy? There is not much information about the reels! Do you have another reel suggestion? Rod: Shimano TX9 intensity 390cm 3.5 lbs
  5. Hi ! I tried to make my own pop-ups I used up 1 pound of sodium caseinat but not good ...
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