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  1. Carpology 6 month subscription, came with a book, richworth tutti boilies pop ups and dip, same with rosehip isotonic boilie
  2. Cheers for the info on alarms guys, most likely will go for the Hrisi tackle alarms as a cheap starter option👍
  3. I have been looking at amazons set of "Hrisi tackle" bite alarms, reviews seem decent and the price is excellent for two alarms and receiver, but would like to see if anyone here has used them?
  4. Do you know where I could find a 2 rod set of these? Also I've been looking at Nash Sirens (thanks to Carpmaster) and do you know if there is a receiver anywhere for it?
  5. Yeah the compact pod for 39.99, looked like a solid enough bit of equipment for the price. Just got to get some alarms next 👍
  6. Ordered a saber low pro rod pod😀
  7. I’d suggest tying your own rigs buddy, works out cheaper in the end!
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