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  1. Themes for the info. So is that the Diawa Emcast big pit? Is there a specific model i should be going for?
  2. Hi, I've been recommended the Shimano ST 10000 BR reels as a goto reel to start carp fishing, would anyone recommend these or an alternative. I was planning on going up to around the £100 mark per reel, any advice on reels would be welcome?
  3. What type of fish would you say these are?Always catch these pretty little things on a wild pond up in the mendips ,float fishing to maggots and worms. The are a lovely gold to bronze colour and always this size
  4. "Afterbite" is the best I've used. It's an ammonia type dab on pen, the key is not to rub/ scratch the bite if you can help it
  5. Yes, I work outside and here in the South West I can definitely see nature on the move. Birds calling to stake their territory and even saw bees today. In sure after the recent cold snap this weeks warm temperatures will move things along at a pace
  6. Hi, as I'm a newcomer to carp fishing and going to have my first go this year, when do carp usually start waking up/feeding? Is it more linked to daylight hours or is it temperature?
  7. I've been trying a bit of drop shotting for Perch in the local canal, it's quite snaggy +been losing a few leads+ rigs . Which shape leads do people think snag least? I've been using the standard column shaped drop shot weights, would round ones be better?
  8. Thanks for the heads up, yes it looks like the fishing gear catches more Anglers than fish 😂🎣
  9. Nice one, great pictures.
  10. So are those kamasan trout hooks banned in a lot of places? the shrink tube sounds a better option if it avoids causing damage to fish.Thanks for the heads up
  11. I see a lot of people mentioning these claw hooks and they do look a good pattern are they a new thing?
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