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  1. Emmicee, Appriciate that i will give them a shout now !! have you any experience or know of the quality? Cheers
  2. Thanks Carp master, Thank you for your offer, but I have been pre baiting through the winter, so looking for an exact match of what i have been putting in. Many thanks
  3. Good morning, i have tried ABS this morning, unfortunetly they only roll there own base mixes, Can anybody help with someone who is happy to roll anybase mix/ combo ?? Cheers
  4. 5kg each of 12mm 15mm and 18mm of BFM GLM Black pepper CSL Cranberry looking for some pop ups of the same mix with glug if possible
  5. Thanks Framey, where are they based.
  6. I have been looking on google etc, there are still guava oil for sale albeit not nutrafruit,would this be an option ??
  7. Hi would anyone have a recommendation for somebody to roll bait for me in the Essex area, as my previous bait maker has retired 😩
  8. Solar squid and octopus, massive flavour combo !!
  9. Thanks very much, i will try Dave Moore tomorrow.
  10. Im looking at BFM as this i have super confidence in, but am always open to other options.
  11. Thanks for all your reply's, very much appriciated, it looks like Guava has been discontinued, Any suggestions what i can replace it with ???
  12. Im looking back at some past recipes and for some strange reason the quantities are missing, Im looking at Big Fish Mix Green lipped mussel extract Corn steep liquor Black pepper oil Guava nutrafruit Im hoping somebody can help me out
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