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  1. I've just bought a spin doctor. I'll go and yak it out over long distance in Field before I go out fishing next - hopefully this sorts out the line twist. Can anyone direct me to some pictures of how to set up the terminal tackle? Like, main line, swivel, ledger set up etc.
  2. Oh yeah absolutely. Just didn't know if it was an easy fix. Fingers crossed its all sorted now.
  3. I'm going to set up with a hair rig attached to the main line with a swivel. Big chunk of spam for bait. That sound about right?
  4. Next up - work out why the hell I'm not catching anything haha
  5. No. Took it back to the shop so the chap could have a look for me. Needs straightening out. He's advised casting it really far and bringing it back in a few times
  6. Been to speak to the chap at my local tackle shop and he's advised me to stretch it out and it should re-condition the line. Been and hand stretched it. Seems better.
  7. Just to update you all - I got a pair of sonik RX Vader Rods and the RS8000 reels. Took them out today and caught nothing. The line kept curling off the spool and getting caught under the mechanism of the spool. Very irritating. Any suggestions on why that may be?
  8. When lockdown is over I'm planning on getting into the overnight and weekend sessions so something to look forward to. I went makins in Nuneaton through the summer. Not targeting the big lads but it gave me the vibe.
  9. Are there any resident fishers of Leicester waters that would be willing to meet up and show me the ropes on a daytime session?
  10. I've got a rod that would work for waggler float in the margins. Thanks all for the advice. A local tackle shop is offering a pair of Sonik Vader RS rods and reels for 210. Is this a good deal?
  11. I'm looking on second hand sites at the minute. Seems lots of folk are selling it cheap.
  12. Cheers. I'm looking at ordering some kit soon. Any suggestions on reasonably priced rods etc? Got the unhooking mat and landing net on order.
  13. Cheers for the reply. I'll get on the unhooking matt ASAP. I'll check out the knots and rigs thread but is there any guidance you can give me to start with? I'm taking that a ledger and waggle tip / bite alarm is the way to go? Thanks for the welcome buddy!
  14. Evening all, I'm relatively new to carp fishing - I've caught them before in a local, small lake but I want to start targeting the bigger boys. The problem is the scene is over awing with talk of different rigs, knots, reels, baits and so on. I'm sure you all know what I mean. It's absolutely baffling to try and get started when the terminology is so thick and impenetrable. Could someone outline what kind of kit I'll need to get serious and what I need to know most? Hope to hear from you all soon. Tuck
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