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  1. Wow! That really is simple, I am going to Redhill on Sunday, so if it is permitted I will definitely be trying it. Thanks so much for the tip, I will post the results on Monday. I will be free lining mature cheddar, so from experience I will either catch all day, or totally blank! Once again, thanks for your input. Martyn.
  2. Hello both, You have both mentioned porridge as a bulking ingredient in ground bait, but how do you use it? Do you blitz it to reduce the size of the oats, or just mix it with other ingredients? I would like to experiment with it, but without using tackle shop bought ingredients. I will also need to speak with Colin, who is the owner of Redhill fishery in Monmouth, to make sure that it is something that I could use. I know that he does not allow bread as bait because anglers were using floating crust, which was damaging the fish upon striking. Any tips that you could give regarding a porr
  3. Hello to all fellow anglers, I am relatively new to Carp fishing, but I have found myself becoming more and more interested in this area of angling. There are few drawbacks to pursuing larger fish in my opinion, with one exception being the constant trips to the bait shop to replenish my stocks of ground bait and hook bait. It was for this reason that I decided to experiment with making cheap, effective, safe, and easily produced baits for my fishing outings. After some mixed results , I have discovered both ground bait, and hook bait recipes that have not failed to catch fish to 19 pound
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