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  1. nice one appreciate all you're help and advice ill have a play around with the mix and see what happens. Tight Lines
  2. Ok bud nice one there is loads on there but pricy. Even for trade.
  3. thanks mate best supplier to buy ingredients from?
  4. Thankyou lads appreciate it does anyone no a basic recipe for the insect base? cheers
  5. hi all, hope you can help. so I've been thinking about making up a insect base mix for boilies. and I'm after some help on binders and good strong attractors in both liquid form and powder form. if you could help that'll be much appreciated. I no semo and soya maize meal etc. are great binders. I'm lookin for a 10kilo base mix batch cheers Ryan
  6. Hi all hope your all safe and well, just thort id leave a message here for any help on fishing Merlin Lake at merrington carp fishery. Basically I have a 48hr session its first time I've fished it, so looking for some advice on the lake including rigs,baits, etc. Any Help is much apriciated. Tight Lines
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