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  1. Folding the handle in the right place is a big sticking point for me 😂 Thinking about adding another 2 rods (or 3) to the arsenal in time for out and out carping, so will be after a couple more reels to match. Liking the look of the Shimano 4000 for the stalking rod, nice and compact and I was always a fan of the baitrunner feature. For the others I was looking at either Okuma INC-6000's or Shimano Ultegra 3500's but don't fancy breaking the bank!! Been out of the game too long after I messed up my back in 2017, at least carp fishing I'll be able to invest in a decent chair and get some
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking fixed spool and the ST4000 is on my wishlist but I love the idea of a centrepin reel at the same time! Thanks for the tip much appreciated
  3. Hello all. After a 3 year hiatus from a 20 year career in match fishing I'm getting into carp fishing for the first time. I've just recently picked up a 9 foot Daiwa black widow stalking rod and I'm after a reel to match. I'm thinking a Shimano baitrunner 4000 but I'm open to suggestions. No massive chucks needed to begin with, just like casting and placing rigs in margins etc. Open to suggestions. Cheers. M
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