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  1. Ah, found it. So, predigested fishmeal for solubles, and high protein meal for foodstuff?
  2. Thanks! Aside from CSCP90 (which seems to be some business management certificate flooding my searches), it's much clearer now. I'll do some adjustments, see what ingredients I can get my hands on, and then see how stuff turns out.
  3. Yeah, I was just being thick; the amount of liquid additives are so small it doesn't really matter either way. Lots of new stuff to cram into my skull.
  4. I'm having some trouble bending my head around how to balance the wet ingredients. Dry parts, simple; weigh, blend, then take whatever you need to the egg mix. 1 kg base mix goes to what, roughly 8 eggs. Do you include the oils and hydros in the 1 kg of base mix, or is it added to the 1 kg of dry parts? Reasonably simple for 1 kg batches, but when you do 1 or 4 egg fractions it's a bit more fiddly.
  5. Right, skewing the mix a bit more towards fishmeal for starters, and then start experimenting. Upping the krill might turn them into wafters, with enough fiddling, I guess? Thanks!
  6. I might experiment a bit then, just for fun. When we've had shrimps for dinner, I blitz the shells and heads and mix with cheese curl flour. Good groundbait additive for chub. Any major adjustments to the basemix recipe above I ought to consider?
  7. Further questions; Are fresh ingredients (for example blitzing some shrimp, or fish offal to a fine mush) any use, or will it just cause boilies to roll poorly and/or rot? How much of larger particles can one add before they roll poorly? (Seeing some of you adding nijer seeds, ground nuts, etc). Is there an FAQ for rolling issues I've missed? For example "balls collapse; too much oil, or too large sausage. Balls break up when cooking; mix too coarse" and so on.
  8. This one is branded JAXON, and instructions are in polish, so yeah, highly unclear. The local tackle shop has a small shelf of mixed angling stuff; some hooks, floats, sinkers and feeders, three kinds of groundbait, and the occasional bag of boilies and other oddballs. The shopkeeper is mostly into fly fishing, and some perch, so he has the section under the premise "some people buy angling stuff, they probably know what they're looking for". Agreed. I've been fishing for thirty-odd years, but mainly spinning and some fly fishing, only got into coarse fishing a year ago, so it's still a w
  9. Had my first session today, 3 hours in I decided to reel in to put on a new PVA stick and recast. Apparently I failed to notice the "non-" bit on my funnel web pack, and thus hauled in a slimy turd of pellets and groundbait in bright white stockings. Felt like a right bell-end when I checked the packaging more thoroughly 🤔. So, what's Non-PVA stuff for? Cray-proofing boilies? Chum-bags for pike fishing? Was only 2 quid, so I won't be crying blood over it, but I'd better get the real stuff for next session, I think it can improve my presentation a wee bit.
  10. My dutch mate just sent me a covid care package, with rolling tables and a bunch of ingredients (krill and fishmeals, some liquids, and a bag of krill basemix) to get me up and running. The store-bought mix is 5 kg of Nothern Baits Krillers, thought it'd be good for rolling practice and prebaiting, but when it runs out I hope I'll be doing my own blend, with wich I'm going to need some help. I'm looking for a reasonably easy mix, high nutritional value food stuff, no overly exotic ingredients, and some tips on how to tweak it between freebies, hookbaits, general variety, and so on.
  11. Ooh, that's neat! I have a friend in Zwolle, he can make a visit there before he comes here next time. If they ever lift the travel ban, that is...
  12. Oh, they don't shred those? Good to know. Money aside, would I be best off buying prepared nuts, or a bag of dried ones and cook'em myself? The dried ones are only available in 20 kg bags. Feels a bit overkill as I haven't even started carp fishing yet. I do have the fish fever though...
  13. Looks nice. No shipping outside the UK at the moment though, pity.
  14. Could one make it work as a boilie? I mainly go with Pimp Shrimps (plain shrimp with purple halibut glug, and a crust of AmphetaBream groundbait (krill and bloodmeal, good stuff), but I want something to combat crays and nuisance fish. Some of those little [censored]s are proper surgeons when it comes to steal the shrimp off the hook.
  15. I'll gladly take any tips on taste combos for chub as well.
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