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  1. I don't know who runs the site but they've helped me out no end
  2. This article states that solunar phases really only have any effect on sea fish due to the sun and moon affecting tides but barometric pressure, wind, rain (oxygen levels) water temperature have more effect. Whether it affects one species of carp differently to others seems doubtful (maybe) http://www.carp-fishing-tactics.com/science-weather-effects-carp.html
  3. Thanks for all the feedback chaps. Floods a couple years ago meant a lot of the river anglers were fishing the pools and then lockdown gave a lot of people time to fill, Thankfully found a nice quiet place locally, 8 pegs and closed during the week. A 28:12 came out last year and the boss tell me there's a good stock of 20's. Far from being a runs water, so best get my thinking head on for next weekend
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has fished Bluebell lakes recently. Am I going to struggle for pegs as there'll be 2 of us? Any tips and advice welcome and appreciated. Cheers
  5. Mine is a wide line, short roadholders with commando internals. Had to go with Radielli flanged rims due to Dunlops being out of production and good used ones were way out of reach for my pocket. I see "cheap" Triton's now and glad I built it when I did
  6. Pre-unit with a T140 top end grafted on and balanced to suit. Reg's 1968. I've had it since the late 80's and currently rebuilding it. It was my daily ride to work bike for a about 10 years and suffered due to that, so now it's getting the treatment it deserves. This is one lady that's losing weight with age
  7. Cheers. Seems like 30's are everywhere these days but I'm also aware that mention of them drives up ticket sales
  8. Owdo. Been fishing since I found a soaking wet £5 note in the grass in 1974, caught my first perch a couple of days later. Started carp fishing in 1977 when cat food and ground bait were rolled to about the size of golf balls and lamping was a means of floating crust at night, with a car head light on a tripod aimed at the crust. A couple of Sabbaticals over the years and now find myself spoiled for choice for bait and pools filled with carp. Based in the middle of the midlands now and mostly fish in and around the Warwickshire area. Still using my 30 year old Malc Rooker rods and Shimano GT4000 Bait runners, so you can probably tell I'm no tackle tart and wont be "upgrading" until I'm forced to. Also buying for 2 since our son joins me for every session. Most unusual catch - 14 LB Koi. Always preferred the old pools, estate lakes and such for peace and few pegs, so we're looking for a syndicate that's not going to break the bank (fishing for 2 remember) but also like to get on commercial waters to get the rods bent when the need arises. Still chasing my elusive first 30. Cheers
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