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  1. Nice, will take a look. I did look at touchdown but a few people said they had to keep cutting sections off every session as it wears quite quickly. Is this the same will all low stretch lines? Thanks
  2. I found this to be a great purchase, keeps it so organised and tidy! Bought the kamurkura hooks as well as they fit in lovely. Sadly I find the tips bend over to easily so they sit there for looks only 😂 yet to find a use for the little boxes tho.
  3. Hello guys I'm looking for suggestions for mainline. Was looking for a low stretch in 15lb to feel the lead down with. Generally fishing weedy lakes at the moment as well.
  4. That's good to hear, think I will give them a try
  5. Hey guys I'm hoping to update my reels and was looking at the Fox Eos 10k pro. Does anyone have these and can give an opinion if it's worth the money? Or is it better to go for the standard reels which are £20-30 cheaper?I have the Eos rods so think they would pair well. Thanks
  6. I think I get what you mean, would a stiff hinged rig be a good idea here? Or would it push away from the goodies 🤔 if it's hooked into the bag it should just sit on top right?
  7. Yeah the swims are tight but I don't think it gets very busy ( suprise). Im using it whilst I'm on a waiting list for another lake. The lake it's dyed blue at the moment as they have some weed issues so was trying to decide the best approach for it.
  8. Thanks for the replys, unfortunately I have not read the rules incorrectly.
  9. I'm about to start fishing a lake that doesn't allow braid and it's got a lot of debris and weedy bed. Wanted to use a PVA bag. Could I use mono for the hooklink? Because most PVA rigs are supple braid. What about a small chod rig on a ring swivel in a PVA bag? Thanks
  10. Much like my Labrador then?.😂🤔 Thanks for the reply. Iv haven't managed to get to much time on the bank and have a 48hr coming up and was looking at how to best maximise my chance. I have seen a lot of videos lately with the anglers using smaller boilies in their mix and thought there was potentially a reason for this. Thanks
  11. Afternoon guys. Curious to know if people bait up with smaller boilies ( 12mm) whilst fishing bigger hookbaits. Is this a common methods? I have always used the same sized freebies as my hookbait. Would this work is the sense as more boilies to get the carp feeding but won't fill them up as fast? Or won't it make much of a difference? Thanks
  12. Yeah no doubt 😂 cheers for the replies
  13. I have some hybrid stiff, seems it can be used with the crimp system. Will have to give it a go
  14. Hey guys, been looking at the korda krimp system and wondering what your thoughts are on it. Worth getting? Can you use it for rigs other than the spinner? Is it just a luxury item for a bit of ease? Thanks
  15. Here my attempt , looks about right. Threading the QC ring through the hook eye was really tight and required bending the QC part out and back in.
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