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  1. I have some hybrid stiff, seems it can be used with the crimp system. Will have to give it a go
  2. Hey guys, been looking at the korda krimp system and wondering what your thoughts are on it. Worth getting? Can you use it for rigs other than the spinner? Is it just a luxury item for a bit of ease? Thanks
  3. Here my attempt , looks about right. Threading the QC ring through the hook eye was really tight and required bending the QC part out and back in.
  4. Thanks for the advice.👍
  5. Thanks for the reply, I have some soft ghost fluro would that do for the boom? Or I have some stuff braid ( suffix sheath skin). Would you just use a grinner knot onto the ring to attach,
  6. Hello there I'm new to using the spinner rig and had a few queries... Can you use this with an inline lead setup most seem to use a Heli. What size and type of hook is preferably with to use? Was thinking 6 Thanks
  7. Sound advice, I haven't been for a long time so starting anew. Will have to find a bait that works 👍
  8. Thanks for the reply, very informative. I'm trying a new lake next week for an overnighter and was thinking a d rig as it seem a busy lake and might have more luck with that. I shall have a look for some bait this weekend with your suggestions
  9. Hello there returning carper from East Anglia way. Been a few years since iv been and looking to get back to fishing in the UK. Curious to how you guys may approach a new lake . What rigs do you have the most confidence in to test the waters? Also interested in your go to bait? Cheers Matt
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advise on an affordable 2 bivvy and bed chair. I really don't want to spend to much just yet but don't want to buy complete [censored]. So any particular budget bivvy that turned out good? Thanks
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