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  1. I’d have to agree with you. I’ve used Chod rigs in the past. But, I feel better using a lead clip set up with a soft boom and a Chod section on the end. I think it’s called the flick rig now?
  2. A few of my mates have said to me that I’m seriously missing out by not using distance sticks; and they could be right. But, I think I’m just too old and too stubborn to adapt now. I do struggle to cast long distances now, but my accuracy is still pretty good
  3. Yeah, I do see the benefit to using wrapping sticks. But, what I’ve found is if the wind whips up, the bow in the line makes you drop short, even though you’ve hit the clip. With the old fashioned method I use, I can do a slight adjustment to the cast without worrying about hitting the clip, because I don’t use it. It’s kind of hard to explain in writing though
  4. I’ve never clipped up in all the years I’ve been fishing. I’m showing my age now, but line clips used to be absolute pants, and I’ve done this method for that long now I’m stuck in my ways. Once I’ve found the area I want to place a rig, I tie a marker knot on to the mainline next to the tip eye. So, when I go for a re-cast, I’m always aiming to the same marker on the horizon, and then, listen for the marker knot “ping” as the mainline passes through the eyes on the rod. Once the knot makes its last ping, I raise the rod and feel the lead down with my fingers. It takes a bit practice, but it does work...and no line clip mishaps
  5. Do some feature finding, check depths, what the substrate of the lake bed is like, species of weed etc and then, record what you’ve found in a notebook. If it’s possible and allowed, it’s worth having a climb up trees and recording what you see. Carp tend to be like sheep, in that they’ll follow the same trail regularly. Also, don’t forget the margins. Observe and take note of how the carp are affected by the the elements, the presence of other anglers. That sort of thing. My starting point when I do actually go fishing is: target areas of the lakebed that feels as clean as possible and bait those areas, and if possible, keep on baiting them. But, if the venue you’ve chosen is always busy, just get in where you can and hope for the best!
  6. Thanks. Keeping it simple is better than keeping it real 😂
  7. It’s possible, but absolutely pointless. The lead weight helps with setting the hook, bite indication and keeping your main line pinned to the deck out of the way.
  8. Hi all, I started up carp fishing again after a few years away. When I looked online to view some end tackle I felt a bit lost, as it seems to be over complicated now. Luckily I found some bits I recognised and stuck with what I know. Drop off heli-rigs? What’s that all about? 🤦‍♂️
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