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  1. Spood mix for tiger nuts, what else needs to be added to attract fish to the feeding area
  2. Your carp fishing is more advanced than ours. These are all basic preparations suitable for a regular session. For best results, tiger nuts can be cooked in several ways.This is one way. I also know that it can be soaked for a week. Then he will wear more attractants. This can be done by ccmore at fedstime. I also heard that this can be done in the laiv system from ccmre. Is there a more original way to cook tiger nuts? Does it work more?
  3. In July we will have a carp fishing competition in Russia, in Kaliningrad. I will highlight two feeding points, one for the source and one for the tiger nut. I want you, as professionals in your field, to help me. Tell us how to make tiger nuts, spod mix and stick mix.
  4. This is a pike perch, a photo of different months.
  5. Привет всем. В России я занимаюсь не только ловлей карпа, но и ловлей хищников. Работаю гидом по заливам, рекам, морю. У нас очень развита ловля судака, окуня и щуки.
  6. Hello everybody. I am from Russia and have been doing carp fishing for the third year already. And I wanted to have friends from other countries who are fishing for carp. There are many incomprehensible, many questions. I would be glad to meet you.
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