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  1. Just got new feeder a 12ft carp rod + net + bait post what you got new this season and what’s your goal when carp fishing mine is to chill out and wait to see what I hook into .
  2. Yh very true and they tend to get annoying when the wriggle all over lol
  3. Hi guys recently getting back into carp fishing but cannot find the right place with the larger fish I need a challenge any Ideas as to where I can find them. I live in Manchester so if anyone knows any places in the area please respond thanks guys ..
  4. Hi I’m new nice to meat you all I’m just getting back into carp fishing and had 7 out yesterday so hi all my fishing friends ✌️👌
  5. I’d like to put out there that there is a few quarry’s out there holding epic carp but they are not in the Cheshire area I have lived all over and travel to fish there’s a good fishing place in Burnley give that a try boys and girls remember the smellier your spod mixture the better you’re chances happy fishing good luck Liam F
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