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  1. Lovely fish mate. Good angling. Congratulations 🎣👏
  2. I use AA baits for my ingredients. I haven't noticed a silly increase in price. Mind you I order rarely, since I bait lightly...
  3. It's not wrong if it's working. Last I knew, no carp has ever read it 🎣😉
  4. I found this very interesting: https://www.cherrycarp.com/understanding-rig-mechanics-martin-crackoff/ Do we make rigs more complicated than they need to be?
  5. I've got a 10' 4.5lb t/c Sonik spod rod, with braid straight through. No shock leader and no problem so far. Mind you I haven't wellied the granny out of it with a fully loaded spod yet! It's fine for the Deeper though. Don't forget your finger stall
  6. Hoping to get to the river for an hour or two tonight. I'm hoping that I won't get called out the minute I arrive, or before! If nothing else it'd be nice to start feeding some bait... If they're tidal rivers do you have to wait?...
  7. If it does, it's. Wait for it... Ruddy greedy! (I'll get my coat)
  8. So not a carp purchase, but it is fishing. Got a deal from a chap while away on a short break. Giving the carp a (short) break and skimmer fishing for fun. A 12' feeder rod and 3500 reel, A 13' waggler rod and 3000 reel. 2 telescopic poles - 4 metre, and 5 metre. Both already elasticated. Seat box, float box (full), feeder selection (about 30), tackle box with weights, hooks, disgorger, float stops, plummets etc. etc. Rod bag (6 rod) and tubes. Landing nets (x 2) with net bag. Bait boxes, target board, bait waiter etc. So basically a complete ledger and waggler setup £90 the lot. Then picked up a 10' ledger rod, and another 13' float rod for £7 the pair at a car boot. Been out with the method feeder yesterday (2mm pellets and Horlicks) and caught... a bream! It was into double figures though, and gave a bit of a scrap, so not complaining. If it's picking up their slow, finicky bites it'll rip off when a carp hits it!
  9. Back on the home rolled boilies and back on the fish. Spent a few hours at the club lake yesterday. One carp rod, and a float rod out. This 12 pounder at around 7pm. Took me for a scrap in the lillies and wrapped up solid. Eased off and ran again to a safe landing 🎣😁
  10. Finally bit the bullet and ordered some flourocarbon line. Since Nick rates it highly I'e gone for the mist green flouro stuff. Had to order from Europe since the diameter I wanted I couldn't find in the UK. The Synchro XT has only been on the reels for a season, and did me well. No hook pulls, line breaks or any issues, other a bit of twist when dry. I may off spool it for re-use in the future.
  11. Just renewed my rod licence for the year - £45 for the three rod option. Now I've paid that and my club fees (£225 for GAPS, £170 for CAPS) it's all gravy. I still have best part of 10kg of base mix and additives to boil up (think I used about 2-3 kilo all told last year! Big believer in a little bait in the right place)), along with particles and liquids for attraction. All set for another year. A short session after work tomorrow is on the cards I think.
  12. Looking nice guys. Keep toying with the idea of a boat. Maybe one day... Anyway, nothing so extravagant this week. Just some bits and bobs from a new supplier. They look OK at first glance and cheaper than a lot of other places, even Bank Tackle. These are all from Pulse Fishing. Naked chod beads X 12 Black kickers x 10 Leader chod system (30 pcs) Drop off C beads x 25 Micro ring swivel (sz 20) x 10 All told £15.25 including postage!
  13. Spent the morning helping at our bigger club lake, and squeezed in a quick fish this evening. The second of two fish, in a couple of hours! First was 7.5 pounds at about 19:30. This one just scraped a double about an hour later. Bits box for soze is just under 10 inches long. Both on naked chods with Handcraft hookbaits pink squid wafters.
  14. Bottom line (pun intended) - if it has a hook it can catch. Be interested to see how you get on with it.
  15. Thanks bud. Funny enough, just spend a good while on YouTube! 🎣😉
  16. Took a chance a couple of weeks back and bought a deeper start (unit only) from Facebook marketplace for a tenner. It needed a special lead, and deeper were brilliant. Sent me a return for the price of postage - another tenner from their EU HQ. I've now charged it and installed the app, and happy to say it works perfectly. Never used one before so it'll be interesting to see how it works, what's under the water, and where the fish are. I'm still not sure if it's "cheating" or not, but I'll give it a go anyway!
  17. 2.5kg of wild bird food for £2.99 from my local farm shop. Soaked and boiled that's probably around 5kg of spod mix. Bit of salt and molassess and that'll do lovely.
  18. Is this an April fools thing, because that looks photoshopped to me? If it's genuine though, it's awesome.
  19. Only a little fella, but nice to put a bend in the rod, and open the account this year.
  20. And this (for when I do get one in the net this year!)
  21. Some of these for my dwarf rods - now I hope I can fish locked up with some confidence!
  22. It's a bit much for a day session! But no, not really. You'll use it eventually. I used a handful of boilies last season fishing for a bite at a time. Gonna try sloppy spods and liquids this year and see how I go.
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