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  1. Thanks but several people who bought transporters have told me not to waste money. Apparently they are really heavy which stands to reason with the amount you would pack in them. I could use a trolley but its defeating the object really as the reason for getting a small set up was so its lightweight and compact to take in holidays. Ive decided to get the rod sleeves and the xtractor net. That reduces it all round so I can take a method feeder and have a selection if I need to change tactics. Thanks for the help. :0)
  2. 30 ins. I know the rods are small.enough but its something to do with the poaitioning of Nash reel seats that make the transporter incompatible with some rods. Thats why I need someone who has experience of trying them.
  3. Dont suppose you know if my 8ft sonik xtrators will fit into a Nash RT?
  4. Well I now want a transporter. I know Sonik do one but any idea whether the 8ft xtractors will fit into the following: Nash RT, Nash R9, Nash dwarf, Nash scope ops Cheers
  5. Thanks. To update I opted for the Sonik xtractor 8ft 3lb tc. They felt right and have a decent warranty. For £50 Im happy as my current 11ft rods cost me way over that back in 1990s.
  6. Ive had my 11ft carp rods since the 90s and am looking to reduce the size of my set up with extendable rods; the smaller the better! So I need some advice. So far Ive looked at the Nash Dwarf shrink 9ft 3lb tc, Sonik extractor recon 8ft 3lb tc, Daiwa crossfire 9ft 2.75lb tc but welcome any other suggestions. The lakes I fish dont require distance casting but do contain doubles up to 35lb so the rod must be capable of handling that should I be lucky enough to hook one. Also looking to reduce my luggage to suit if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello all. Female carper dropping in to say hello.
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