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  1. I use molasses mixed with green lipped mussel powder with my particles
  2. The days of rolling your own being cost effective have gone. Fact! If you roll your own it's down to personal satisfaction. In the 80s and 90s I rolled my own as it was cheaper then and the quality of my baits over the commercial alternatives were night and day. That said some of you will get great pleasure and satisfaction when a bait you made works. I can also remember a bait I was rolling was slaying lakes but at Wraysbury the only thing I slayed was the Bream. I was absolutely gutted. These days I love the convenience and the quality of commercial baits. I havent managed to do as many sessions as I would've liked but I've still had some great results on waters I've never fished. Bottom line is you and only you can decide if the cost of making your own is worth it?
  3. That's pretty much my go to rig all year round
  4. As it's winter I drop down a size or two on the hook but always fish bottom baits this time of year. I'm still catching off the bottom with a 360 rig. Whe the spring warms the water I may change to a low pop up or a zig.
  5. Everything is prepped for tomorrow's little jaint. Fingers crossed it warms up and the carp play ball🙏
  6. I've always found that any fish that have not seen boilies will always always go for sweetcorn. Ive no idea why this is but it always is an instant winner. I'd buy up the Nash boilies and fish a single boilie over the top of the corn and nuts. I've used this method on so many lakes and rivers to great effect. Soak the boiles in the corn juice prior to fishing makes them an absolute delight for the carp, they love them.
  7. Cheers fella. Work permitting I'm hoping to get out on my usual lake Monday for a 24hr sesh.
  8. We were away in the wobbly van and as the weather warmed nicely New Year's morning, I pulled this little fella out for 15lb 3oz. It was the first of five for the day but I was just delighted to kick off the New Year with a fish. So how did you do?
  9. Fish rarely get scared away for long. In fact most lakes the fish know when bait is coming in and home in on it. So the lead may spook the odd fish but not for long. My regular lake doesn't need a lot of leading as I now know where to cast to and can feel the bait settle down but I also fish a lot of brand new lakes. We go caravanning and I only book sites with a lake to fish. First thing I do (where possible) is chat to the Bailiff. They will give you such a great insight to the lake. The second thing I do is walk the lake. Once I've found a spot I lead the swim. Pub chucks can be successful as I can testify to a few of my own but nothing beats 10-15mins leading a swim. Most of the caravan site lakes are day ticket only so it's an absolute must to get an idea of what's in your swim. For me its second nature and has to be done. If you want to catch more fish you need to get the lead out and cast about. Knowledge is king no matter where you fish.
  10. I'd send a letter recorded delivery. If still no response did you buy with your credit card? If so I'd contact your credit card company and let them sort it out with article 75. I know someone who has one and he had an issue that was resolved really quickly with a new boat within a few days. It was because of his experience I bought one.
  11. Until a few months ago I hadn't been fishing for over twenty years. Since I've been back I've had some solid results culminating in this cracking scrapper that went 22lb 9. Not the biggest fish but it really put a huge grin on my face.
  12. Shimano Tribal TX7 13' New rucksack for the Actor Baitboat
  13. Unless anyone has a better suggestion I think the TX7s will do the job admirably.
  14. My technique is not too bad as I can pendulum cast and make reasonable distance but my current set up is too soft. Just ordered a set of Shimano Big Baitrunner XT-B LC 14000 Reels to complimemt the new rods. Will look into the Shimano rods later😉
  15. Having been away from the carp scene for over twenty years I've lost touch with what rods are good or bad. I'm looking to buy some rods for a trip to France as well as doing some bigger pits over here. So they need to cast a good distance. What do you guys recommend? Thanks
  16. As per title. I'm here with my caravan for a little break but these lakes are well fished by the locals. I never met anyone who was staying here and fishing. They have two specimen lakes with fish to 30lb. Lake 2 was especially kind to me as I had 8 carp out to 18lb over two day sessions. Tickets are dawn till dusk and cost £12 for two rods. All of the fish I landed were in absolutely stunning condition. A guy a few swims up pulled a 23lb common out that was just superb and they do fight well here. I'll be back next year for a few more sessions.
  17. Cooked Breakfast always starts the day well. I do take naked noodles and a ragu to male a spag bol. Lunch is normally a wrap or a steak slice. I do take plenty of food though.
  18. I'm back after 20yrs out. I've fished since I was 2 and a half. I'm now 57. Am I top Angler? Who knows that's for others to decide. What I do know is I have success on every lake I've ever fished. Success means catching fish. I do spend time looking for fish including snags and pads etc. I try to find their waterway network and then ambush them. Watercraft is built on experience and local knowledge. I do chat to the locals to find out what the score is but take it with a pinch of salt if it goes against my gut. I've always said a well presented bait in the right spot catches fish. As for size there is a large element of luck but the more you practice the luckier you get. What is more important is the joy and pleasure you get from your trip. If you're not happy change it and keep changing it till you are. Blanking isn't the end of the world if you're enjoying your company and surroundings. Plus you will of gained additional knowledge for next time. At the moment my mobility is limited so I have to choose my swim carefully. What I have learned even now is I should be choosing my swim carefully in the first place. If I'm honest I can't always say I've done that. I don't follow fashion I use tried and tested rigs and change them according to the lake. You have to adapt to the lake and the conditions if you want to catch. It's not rocket science but there's a few basics we all have to follow. Do those and guaranteed you'll catch fish and lots of them.
  19. A 6l pressure cooker for the princely sum of £15. Absolute bargain and cooked 10kg maize all ready for Tuesday 😎
  20. Thanks. I'm back out Tuesday. Although this time I'll have a bed chair if I stay the night😉
  21. I've just come back to the sport after 20yrs out of the game. I'm no novice as I've fished for Carp since the late 80s. I do tie all my own rigs and my craft may be a bit rusty but fishing is fishing. Once you know where the likely spots are it becomes all about timing. Recently had an operation which has limited my mobility while I recover. On my first day back on a lake I've never fished I blanked. I had 4 takes and lost them all in the heavy weed. Gutted but it only served to make me improve, plus I knew my instincts were right. Next trip I fished a different spot but despite my best efforts blanked completely. I wasn't dissalusioned as the swans were using my part of the lake as a practice runway and the weather all construed against me. I still had a lovely chilled day out. I picked up a useful bit of info prior to my next visit that the owners feed the carp on maize every spring. Straight onto eBay and 20kg bag of maize was winging it's way to me. I took 5kg of maize and hemp mix with me and baited the spots I first fished. Now I understood where the fish were going so now it was just about presentation. I changed all my rigs specifically for this. I got onto the lake about 6:30am and baited the spots heavily. I then fished a boilie with a mesh bag. By 6pm I had 3 fish and I was buzzing. Phoned the Mrs to let her know I was doing the night. So glad I did as I pulled another 6 fish out including a beautiful Tench of 4lbs. My biggest Carp was a 17 with another 5 early to mid doubles. Not massive but the buzz it gave was off the charts. Note to one's self do not do a night in a chair or wearing a T-shirt and jogging bottoms. I was frozen and bitten by every poxy mozzy but I could give a rat's a#*e I had one of the best 24hr sessions in my life. Never give in never give up😎
  22. Just got back from a 24hr session and I used it with both inline and clipped up leads and it worked perfectly. I also used it with bottom baits as well as pop ups. I found my bottom baits were hooked perfectly. The place I'm currently fishing is heavily weeded and I'm not a fan of the Chod rig. Instead I used the spinner with a bottom bait attached to a mesh stuffed with particles and chopped boilies. I had eight carp and one tench. So don't worry about using inline leads with it. Hope this helps.
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