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  1. Wouldn't Bother with an Actor Bait Boat. I have just had one of the New Ones the Pro. hopper Door issues, Wiring issues and they just don't give a stinky winky to be fair. they hid the issues well as I have had a few say they have had the same issues. I am gutted because it was a perfect boat for the budget that allowed me but Boatman UK Service is not great Spoke with Future Carping who are the original sellers for the Actors I believe and even though they did not sell me the boat they are looking at it for me and seeing if they can get it working for me, cant remember the chaps name who is the owner but he has just charge me shipping. I hope they can fix it for me
  2. I have an Actor Bait Boat purchased from Boatman UK and I am having issues with the Middle Hoppers they are just doing what they want. The thing is when I try to contact Boatman UK I can never get through and its like they are not there. Can anyone help ?
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