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  1. Yes but a lot don’t because they just want there waters used
  2. Ideally a takeaway of a night but during day bacon buttys for breakfast and ideally pasta or rice with something for dinner
  3. Yes it was me only just seen this I been away for about 3 weeks 😂busy working at new
  4. The sound of the alarms made me smile 😂
  5. Cheers mate certainly is hopeful more tomorrow
  6. 3 tench and a carp yesterday for me on the day sesh only 2 rod lengths out too
  7. Finally pulled three out 2with minutes of each other let one go then another on then a hour later another 😌 be back on this weekend for sure
  8. So I’ve been fishing the canal now quite regular since February with day sessions and night and 24 hour sessions but still nothing but they’re being pulled out as I promise it feels like everyone on the bank has had one but me me 😂😂😭😭 i don’t think I’ve been doing anything wrong I’ve tryed hinge rig , krank rig , and hair rig with either Pva mesh or solid Pva bags and not even the nibble I tend to re cast like every 3-5 hours depending how it landed the cast prior to recasting The baits I tend to use are the krill and manilla range boilies , Dumbbells and pop ups and wafters I do bait up with a mix of pellets bread maggots and powder and oils but still nothing any advice on what I can do to score the fish 😂
  9. Moved to another peg now tho where I seen the fish activity last night and this morning
  10. Welll 24 hours done and nothing 24 hours remain 😂
  11. I’m on the canal now doing the night been on since this morning been blanked all day 1 lad has had 1 but it’s waking up now
  12. Ye clod but lovely Raining now 😂 that’s my luck though lol just sat in bivvy with the pooch waiting on kettle 😂
  13. Been back on since 5 am lol 😂 needing that bite not going to lie though I’ve seen a few appear with a splash or too to the sunrise but nothing yet
  14. I been on since this morning lad and how was on the peg before me had 7 last night aswell so hoping getting the odd beep but nout yet but seeing the bubbles like nothing got a cracking view though ❗️Love a good view got the mrs with me aswell so to on alarms and a wagllernon the margin let’s see what it brings !
  15. So the nice weather is approaching and the start of spring on our shoulders 12 -13 degrees this weekend in ulverston Cumbria and with the new bivvy and Pva bag refill arriving I’m surely getting on the canal or Sandhall pond this week who else is getting on the bank ? Hopefully some of us get bites and not blanked 7 carp and 1 tench some lads got on Saturday on the canal so there about 😉
  16. If so then the fish always go there in the summer to get the best of the heat from the son as I know that but there is a absolute son trap don’t think there not been a day in summer where I’ve gone to the dock and seen them. Is the fishery still open a family members friend used to own back a few years and I know there was big carps in there too but never heard of it being reopened
  17. Hey it’s both to be honest I have bad anxiety and ptsd so I tend to like to have someone with me so I don’t get bored etc the mrs don’t drive either and to be honest I don’t think any of us will be anytime soon
  18. Well been out pretty much all weekend not one bite atall only just gone on the angeling page on fb and the lads further up from me 6 carp and 1 tench in a day. Gutted 🙃
  19. Smells just like marzipan and looks just like cookie mix 😂
  20. Hey there guys so I’m new to using Pva mesh so I’ve been using my mind into making some bait mixes for Pva sticks and came up with one where I use blended bread then some krill pellets with manvilla active powder and ground up krill active boilies and then all put in a tub when mixed and soaked in white almond Korda goo I’m wondering if anyones ever done this mix and had good results or if they can suggest better ones
  21. But ye id love to do a night or to on a syndicate where I live the angling association only have the canal and 1 other pond for carp ther other 40 mins away on bus
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