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  1. Cheshire 30lb

    personally I don't fish commercials, the only day ticket waters I've been to recently are sandhurst and Cromwell, neither of which are local to the area, if you're going to pay day ticket rates you might as well head south, at least the waters down there offer 30's for the top dollar you pay, up here the prices charged compared to the size of fish available makes our commercials a complete rip off managing expectations is quite right, I'm Wirral based and I've fished in Cheshire since 1996, funnily enough I started travelling out there to catch bigger carp, 20's and possibly a 30?, in the 21 years since I started trying for one, I still haven't had a Cheshire 30, I fish a session near enough every week right throughout the year, my average over the years is around 3x20's a season, sometimes I have more, others i'll catch less but most of those 20's are under 23lb regarding expectations, catching a fish of 25lb+ in our region isn't impossible, some always get lucky but for most of us, a target like that requires time and dedication, the magazines might make it look an easy task but its far from it
  2. Cheshire 30lb

    I've been fishing in Cheshire for many years, outside of the south east we have the biggest concentration of carp anglers in the country but we don't have many big fish waters, so the big fish waters that are known are often under intense pressure if you come across a little known water with good fish in, the quickest way to ruin it for yourself is to put it online because everyone up here is looking for a leg up...lol
  3. Cheshire 30lb

    join lymm mate, they have a few waters with 30's in
  4. The Mighty Pellet

    I use pellets a lot, fox pellet pegs are what you need, they are similar to a v-shaped boilie stop but they have a round profile so they help to block the hole in the pellet which slows down water ingress and helps them last longer on the hair, they work perfectly with a 1.5mm nut drill and you'll find them in the 'fox edges' range of end tackle in any decent tackle shop
  5. Urban/Park Carp Fishing

    I fished one of the Liverpool parks, but only for 6 weeks each year...lol...beginning of march through until mid april, two reasons for this....during this time the carp would always be starting to move around more after holding up for winter so they were very catchable even though it was still quite cold, the other reason was during march and early april it's still quite cold so no kids out and not many joe public around, come mid april when the light nights were coming back and the temps were warming up it was time to call it a day and retreat back to the countryside must admit i'm not a fan of this urban banx stuff, your average joe public is a complete bell end give me somewhere quiet and picturesque any day
  6. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    i'd just fish it, if they are visiting your spot you'll soon know about it
  7. Angling Direct floated On The Stock Market

    i gave them a miss, whilst having shares in a tackle company might be interesting in terms of me being a fisherman its not the kind of business i'd invest my cash in if you're £300 up and think they might go higher put a stop/loss behind them to lock in some profit then sit back and see where they go, you can always slide that stop/loss up as the shares rise
  8. The secrets to short session succes

    I've been fishing 5/6hr sessions for years, just choose the right venue where you can fish at 'bite time' and get the polaroids on and go looking for them. I've stripped all my gear down so it fits in a small rucksack, you need to be able to move quickly and carry everything in one go, you can't sit and wait for them so for the duration of your session you have to be actively looking to get 'in their face' and fish with a bit of intensity
  9. Angling Direct floated On The Stock Market

    is there a dividend yield?
  10. brooms cross is the only one that springs to mind for me and only because it has some decent sized fish, apart from the likes of wyreside, the only other place I can think of is commonwood near Wrexham?
  11. Bedchair for a bad back

    good luck mate, I've tried a few over the years, the best I've come up with so far is similar to harpz, I have an avid restbite which is a proper lay flat bed and the same as harpz I've tightened the elastics as far as I can and I use a pillow for head support, what I was trying to achieve was my head/neck being in alignment with my spine when i'm lying on my side and for it to be firm with no sagging the no sagging is really important, I even considered trying to put wooden slats under the matress at one point. if we had a bedchair that didn't rely on an elasticated matress and was solid underneath with no sagging at all and a nice comfy matress on top, I reckon the company that made it would be quids in
  12. Chum mixers?

    i use a fake mixer most of the time, saves the constant changing of hookbaits
  13. Chum mixers?

    the bolt machine from nash works exactly the same, I've actually done a couple of home made controllers made from old branches so they look more natural, they work well too plus they are free
  14. Chum mixers?

    I've already got a few that work along the same lines, gardener lay flat and the nash bolt machines which I assume are based on your candle?