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  1. marker

    deeper pro plus

    I've got one, it's very handy, no point in flogging it with a marker rod when a deeper will give you so much more in a fraction of the time😉 I bought a dedicated little android tablet to go with mine so I don't have to use my phone plus I've got a slightly bigger screen to look at which is handy if you need reading glasses like me🙂
  2. marker

    Channels to watch on YouTube?

    thanks finchey, i'd like to think there's some useful stuff on there, i'm not the best at it, there's no crappy carp team stuff, endless plugging of gear or sponsorship begging 😉 I hate drum and bass so there's none of that and I fish alone and on limited time so they aren't very 'arty' either😁
  3. marker

    Channels to watch on YouTube?

    mine😁 lol, i'm not exactly great at it so I can always do with a few more subscribers😉 Mark Carp
  4. marker

    Cheshire 30lb

    a 25 up here is a massive fish for sure, there are some up here but fish of that size require patience getting into the right clubs and/or time and dedication just to get on them, they are certainly catchable but getting a swim anywhere near them is usually very difficult, the one thing that stops everyone in their tracks is other anglers taking up bank space😉 this is pretty much how my Saturdays go, turn up, find the fish, can't get on them due to other anglers, I have a choice, fish a has been swim empty of fish and blank or try another venue, i'll never fish an empty swim so I move on, I can put in a lot of miles each week just looking for a peg that gives me a chance, sometimes I give up after my 4th or 5th water and end up back home again without even getting the rods out. This time of year is the worse for space, that's probably why I prefer winter and early spring same as bc😉 you definitely battle other anglers more than the fish and this is everywhere with decent fish including the ones with the high waiting times, if anything, they are worse!😉
  5. marker

    Cheshire 30lb

    yes bc it's the same up here, we go to great lengths to keep our waters quiet and free from glory hunters or other anglers in general, outside of kent, I think the north west has the highest number of carp anglers in the country, sadly we don't have the waters and the ones with big fish, or even just a general higher than average size for the area, are generally rammed. finding some peace and quiet up here isn't easy and as you say, many tea bags are required before people open up, getting info is very much down to who you know and what kind of reputation you have...ie glory hunters get nothing.
  6. marker

    Cheshire 30lb

    I don't know mate, you've heard more than I have?, I treat everything as fantasy until I see the pics with my own eyes, no pics, no proof😉 I know that sounds harsh but fisherman are well known for stretching the truth😁
  7. marker

    Cheshire 30lb

    lymmvale, tabley moat, tabley mere and wrinehill are all definites 😉
  8. marker

    Ridgemonkey modular bucket

    I use them for hanging the inner boxes on the outside one😉
  9. marker


    it's members only mate
  10. marker

    War between Sonik & Greys

    i'm with kevtaylor, i'm a 'torrix te' user myself and they are exceptional rods
  11. marker

    Throwing stick..

    120m!, jesus that's a long way for a throwing stick, as someone who has damaged tendons from trying to get a kilo of bait out to the hundred yard mark i'd say don't bother, even now many years later i still suffer with my arm, I've even had a steroid injection to try and clear it up but it only worked temporarily, my advice is don't even try and use a stick at that distance, far better to gear yourself up with a decent spodding setup, it'll do you less damage
  12. marker

    Sharpening hooks

    i use the jag hook sharpening system, only the vice and file though, no need for either of the stones, you can get your hook sharp enough without them
  13. marker

    Long distance casting

    good call, I leaned my casting by watching terry Edmonds and mark Hutchinson on youtube, I got a mate to film me then asked him and a few others to pick faults which over time I ironed out
  14. marker

    Head torch

    petzl for me too