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  1. I've been fishing 5/6hr sessions for years, just choose the right venue where you can fish at 'bite time' and get the polaroids on and go looking for them. I've stripped all my gear down so it fits in a small rucksack, you need to be able to move quickly and carry everything in one go, you can't sit and wait for them so for the duration of your session you have to be actively looking to get 'in their face' and fish with a bit of intensity
  2. is there a dividend yield?
  3. brooms cross is the only one that springs to mind for me and only because it has some decent sized fish, apart from the likes of wyreside, the only other place I can think of is commonwood near Wrexham?
  4. good luck mate, I've tried a few over the years, the best I've come up with so far is similar to harpz, I have an avid restbite which is a proper lay flat bed and the same as harpz I've tightened the elastics as far as I can and I use a pillow for head support, what I was trying to achieve was my head/neck being in alignment with my spine when i'm lying on my side and for it to be firm with no sagging the no sagging is really important, I even considered trying to put wooden slats under the matress at one point. if we had a bedchair that didn't rely on an elasticated matress and was solid underneath with no sagging at all and a nice comfy matress on top, I reckon the company that made it would be quids in
  5. i use a fake mixer most of the time, saves the constant changing of hookbaits
  6. the bolt machine from nash works exactly the same, I've actually done a couple of home made controllers made from old branches so they look more natural, they work well too plus they are free
  7. I've already got a few that work along the same lines, gardener lay flat and the nash bolt machines which I assume are based on your candle?
  8. I had to google the candle rig, its basically a flat controller?
  9. good bait mate but not quite suited to what i'm after achieving, I need a small mass bait I can feed heavily to get them going, dog or cat biscuits are perfect for that
  10. I ended up in a pets at home store yesterday, I went to get some mixers, it turned out to be an impossible job, they had so much stuff in there and in the end I gave up looking for what I wanted, I didn't have time to browse as I was on my way to a lake I did find some catfood biscuits though, purina 'go cat' in a yellow bag, I picked up 4k of tuna and herring flavour as that one looked the most fishy ;) I didn't do any floater fishing yesterday but I did fire a few out and I was most impressed by the oil slick they gave off, they had enough oil in them to flatten quite a big ripple and its easy to see why the carp would go mental for them its warming up a bit later in the week so i'll see if they are any good then
  11. I was thinking of gluing two (or more) same shapes together for the hookbait
  12. I might open my mouldy wallet later then they have tuna, chicken and beef in my local Tesco, I look at them every time I've been in for mixers but I've always passed them up I've always been particularly drawn to the tuna ones so i'll grab a bag on the way to the lake later
  13. any particular brand of cat biscuits greekskii?
  14. I've got a local livery/pet place where I get my particles, I know they sell mixers in big sacks but I've never tried them, I quite liked the Tesco biscuits, after chum mixers went down hill they were the only half decent replacement I could find