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  1. At least im not the only one, watching that and couldnt stop thinking about how carpy the lake looks, unfortunately ive got no info for you but i know exactly what you mean, looks the biz.
  2. Hey Stokecarper have a look on ebay, there are loads of people selling black pepper oil here in Oz.
  3. I agree completely with Chris, the only way is to source flavours from overseas (UK), although it can be a bit expensive its well worth it and i have to say ive had no problems getting flavours into Australia and assume NZ would be no different.
  4. Hello Stokecarper good to hear your doing some fishing and getting results, the biggun cant be far away. you can definately get feeders here as ive seen them in alot of tackle shops, otherwise get yourself some pva bags from the UK, they are cheap to have sent as they weigh very little. Good luck.
  5. Welcome to the site mate, there are some huge lakes a outside Geelong near the M1 Princes hwy towards Colac, most if not all of these lakes contain carp (lake Colac, lake modewarre, etc). The size and numbers of carp in these places is hard to confirm due to lack of anglers trying to catch them but considering the size of these lakes its hard to believe there are not some large fish waiting to be caught. I have fished lake Modewarre with a friend about 7 years ago after talking to a tackle shop owner who thought we were strange wanting to catch carp, he showed us a recent at the time photo o
  6. Keep trying mate and im sure you'll get one of the bigger fish soon, unfortunately so many aussie lakes contain hords of small ones, you just have to wade through them and sooner or later a bigger one will turn up. Definately try boilies as mentioned as they do tend to sort out the bigger fish, especialy large baits (18mm+). As for the morass youve mentioned i would just give it a go, if there are no signs saying dont fish then your on. If your worried try and tuck yourself out of the way somewhere if possible, but i doubt you'll see anyone who will try to stop you. Whats the worst that can
  7. Well done fellas, good on you for having a go and i'm sure you have just as must chance as any of the other competitors of success. Best of luck.
  8. From memory the lake has some heavily reeded margins so i would start there, fish your baits on the edge of the reeds with a few handfulls of free offerings to get them going, i wouldnt worry to much about pop ups but i'm sure it wouldnt hurt, i dont believe theres much in the way of weed. The island would be another good place to put a bait to as the fish patrol island margins regularly and are normaly happy to feed there. Get them going on maize and you cant go wrong. As you mentioned a simple bolt rig will do the business with a 6-8 inch hooklink. Good luck and keep us informed.
  9. Yes i mean the lake at Sale, well worth a go, as i said ive had it on good authority that there are some lumps in there. Go to your local stockfeed supplier and get some maize, its very cheap and just as good if not better than corn and stays on the hair forever. Make sure you prepare it properly though, soak for at least 24 hours and boil for around 30 mins. Add a good amount of sugar before and after boiling for that extra kick. Leave it in a sealed bucket to ferment, the longer the better, it gets better with age.
  10. I agree, keep things simple, maize on a hair rig always turns up the goods and requires little introduction, you should be able to catch instantly.
  11. I have heard on good authority that the lake holds some large carp, 30+ and rarely gets fished. A great looking water and well worth a go.
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