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  1. Old thread I know but I'm just reading it now. I know how the op felt. I joined a club after a 2 year break. My daughter was born. Despite fishing probably 20 3 hour sessions since Jan 1st I still haven't caught a fish. I first joined this club in 2013. It took about 2 years before my first carp. It can be crazy difficult. I've once had 17 carp in a 3 hour session. When it's fishing well it fishes well. When it's hard it's solid. Two days ago the lake was 2/3 full with about 15 anglers. It's not a very big place. Not a single person including match fishermen had a bite. One time
  2. It's funny reading this old thread. I am a midlands based Angler and I usually target Carp. Mainly because they should give the best fight of any of the fish I can catch and because I'm sure there are greater numbers of large carp than large pike. I wish the massive Ebro sized catfish were commonly found in UK waters. Anyway back to the point. Today I fished my local lake. It's only a small venue. It's handy as it's 60 seconds from my house by car. Given that the weather was fairly nice and many people are on furlough, the place was packed. Around 15 anglers taking up about half or t
  3. would you like me to provide you with a scientific test where cooked maize out performed non cooked maize when tested? :mrgreen: Tests on wild animals show them preferring cooked foods in tests. I am just pointing out. Our preference for cooked food has been so long lived that we've altered our own biology and evolution thanks to it.
  4. I actually did make up some boilies once with alot of fishmeal, eggs, milk proteins etc as an experiment. Boiled them and they just dissolved after 2 seconds. Too many soluble components. Went to scoop them out and there was nothing. Ended up having to air dry them and they turned out great! They last a good few hours in water but break down faster than regular boilies. They last probably 24 hours before turning to sludge like a pellet. Great flavour release. The thing is fish meals are possibly cooked already. I don't know?
  5. I don't mean to pee on people's parade but cooking is likely a huge attractor for carp. I still like to de-skin boilies but the cooking process is likely helpful. In tests animals offered raw food versus cooked food, will take cooked food time and time again. This is because it is more palatable and digestible. If you look up raw food diets you'll actually see that the biggest issue with this is malnutrition and weight loss. I like to avoid raw meats myself because of parasites, bacteria etc. Many people don't know that cooking food is speculated as one of the biggest developments in
  6. That sounds good. I notice some of the thicker liquids can take quite a while to absorb and end up running off the sponge. I may use a wide jam jar or old film cannister to drop the feeder in there so it really absorbs well. So far flavours I have tried are coconut, tuti, summer fruits, water off scalded pellets. I still can try scopex, plum, pineapple, maple, caramel, amyl acetate. To be fair I was just limited by time so I had to pick a good spot and hope for the best. I plan on say 40 mins in various locations next time until I see at least liners or actual bites. The difficult of c
  7. Yes that was my thought and I got 12 scouring pads for a pound. 2 for fishing, 10 for the house. No luck with the technique this weekend but unfortunately I only got time for 2 hours fishing sat and 2 hours sunday. Not really time to find the fish which is all important. They are alluding me.
  8. Try it! You'll be buzzin! Might actually be classed as electro-fishing which I think wont be allowed.
  9. I've seen the heated socks and I really wanted to get some last year when it was really cold. -20C. Only my toes were getting cold, even with multiple layers of socks and standing on a padded matt and moving about. Interested to see how they go. Newmarket, I popped to the tackle shop at lunch time and got some cage feeders to try your method. Light ones for close range. A bit heavier for longer ranges. I just have to find some sponge now. I always have too much of the stuff when I never need it. Probably recycled the stuff already.
  10. That's a great idea. I usually fill a pva bag of some ground bait soaked in a liquid but your method is simpler and doesn't need pva friendly liquids. I use quite a bit of flavoured glycerol anyway but it's great to have more options.
  11. Lots and lots of flavours for winter fishing and glugging. Tutti fruity, scopex, amyl acetate, jasmine, plum, pineapple, bananna to name some of them.... Going to be trying flavoured bread, method mixes, particles etc as well to see if I can offer something a bit more tempting than a boilie.
  12. In my opinion, YES! Way to much. As long as a hook is not too big for the fish's mouth and as long as there is something it wants to eat, then you are doing enough. I don't believe all these different presentations do anything appart from make an angler feel more confident and allow tackle companies to sell little bits of tubing etc at a huge mark up. Then if you want to increase sales of bits and bobs, encourage things like dumping leads. The difficulty is having a suitable bait in the right place, at the right time. That's not easy to sell to Anglers though. I wouldn't believ
  13. Do what I've often done fishing sharks on beaches in the pitch black dark. Put reflective tape on it.
  14. Just don't move around too much and make too much noise. That's what's important. Even someone in camo is easy to spot when they move. The brain has neurons for motion detection and obviously most animals have ears, plus the fish have a lateral line. The area of the brain responsible for detecting motion appears to be distinct from vision.
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